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Are there hardware outside our control inside electronic devices:
tablets, smartphones, laptops, monitors, laptops,..
such as camera, phone, wireless internet, etc.

I asked the same at a tech forum, first they said offtopic, moved it to
a junk section, and then removed it. Maybe they mean, answer is yes,
we know it, but we don't want others to know it.
They should have simply said: no, if the answer is really no.
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I think this is important, because if real, this would mean we are slaves, so for example our pw's and domains can be stolen. You can add a keylogger to a computer, as a software or hardware. Maybe there is such hardware already. You can break your computer into pieces, and find some suspicious thing, but when you take it to the experts, they would tell you about its secondary and inessential function, because they don't know what it does either, or that part may be useless by itself but together with the rest, it does its unknown job.
Silence in this case sounds like: I don't care; or I would be scared if real but I think/hope it is not real.
Why is there no mechanical way to turn wireless and bluetooth off. In old computers it was possible. Now, ..
you think you are turning them off, but maybe not. You turn it off, doesn't mean you turn it off for them also.
We buy a computer, and it doesn't become ours, we have the right to use it only; ..this is the case for operating system at least, maybe also for the rest.
Wondering where we can discuss such topics, if this is not the right place.
Looking for an independent and unbiased science/tech forum.
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The terminology involved here is "hardware assurance". But, as you well know, it has little to do with a General Domain Discussion.