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There's a key word here, and its "loss". People for the most part want to try and keep their hair, so its "hair loss prevention". The way it comes across is "preventing hair" (to stop the growth of hair)

If "hair loss prevention", easily X,XXX. Without that word "loss", I suggest taking offers...tricky. That doesn't necessarily mean it has no value, but my feeling is less value, than it being "hair loss". Niche buy, IMO
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Its not horrible and also not great because “prevention” is awkward and confusing in this context. (Stop or remove or removal all make more sense)

There is a large personal care niche of hair removal from razors to devices to wax to lasers but I don’t know of any that refer to “preventing” hair growth (except for the permanent laser treatments) Most of these slow growth but not eradicate it.

I don’t see a pill etc being made to “prevent” hair because people want hair growth on their head and eyelashes and eyebrows and a pill, if there was one, would affect your entire body hair.

With all that in mind, low if any value.
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