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1000 new entries in in just 2 weeks, this is a 12.5% increase!


Source: namestat.org


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Still only 0.9% when all new gtlds combined. It will start falling once registrars stop promoting them by charging normal rates.
Still only 0.9% when all new gtlds combined. It will start falling once registrars stop promoting them by charging normal rates.

Someone with a website receiving alot of traffic( Alexa top 1 million) will never drop his domain name! even if registries increase their price...
what is the sum price of that 1000 ?
When you start at the bottom, the only way to go is up!

Just for kicks, try checking out how many drops after the first year reg's of about a $1.

There are definitely some potential out there, but there is also a lot of money being thrown away.
Most of these sites are spam, scam and malware. Especially in tlds like .xyz that give/gave free/$1 domains.
Quality ngtld sites and alexa top million are two completely different things right now(and will be until registries stop offering free/$1 domains).

IMO, the real and actual growth of ngtlds can only been seen by tracking registries that follow a stable pricing strategy above $15 per domain like donuts that mainly attracts end users and not spammers.

I'm not saying that there aren't quality sites on tlds like .xyz but most are not. As a matter of fact here are the top 50 .xyz sites according to alexa rank. Except for abc.xyz I haven't visited any of the other sites but I think it's obvious from the domains that these aren't "end user" sites.

rank site
3807 javmoo(dot)xyz
5002 htmlhubing(dot)xyz
12627 swzz(dot)xyz
14152 sharelinks(dot)xyz
15375 binbinyouli(dot)xyz
15822 javtorrent(dot)xyz
16584 justtakeit(dot)xyz
17018 streaming-series(dot)xyz
18136 embedfile(dot)xyz
20535 iyouji(dot)xyz
22918 winsfaab(dot)xyz
23397 onlinereward(dot)xyz
24490 daily-deal(dot)xyz
25035 com-sc570u68h9qf7o5er52wfeb(dot)xyz
25322 embed2016(dot)xyz
25343 com-zi9c33wssz20qs9fwe2yfeb7(dot)xyz
26237 abc(dot)xyz
26431 pantez(dot)xyz
28256 coclc(dot)xyz
29549 com-x5l9orpofpeees0ziqezfeb(dot)xyz
29591 softbase(dot)xyz
30289 orabote(dot)xyz
30494 clabc(dot)xyz
31001 com-jmkcrh1aseqi3fpxlzgnfeb5(dot)xyz
31180 survymonkey(dot)xyz
31316 exclusiveprize(dot)xyz
31588 pretendyoure(dot)xyz
34877 rckdmr(dot)xyz
35457 mgonow(dot)xyz
36932 woodbook(dot)xyz
38577 todaysvoucher(dot)xyz
38725 com-addyfosuoh70xw280ysjfeb9(dot)xyz
39080 onlinerewards(dot)xyz
39365 set4freeupdates(dot)xyz
40653 jpon(dot)xyz
40883 utravel365(dot)xyz
41684 isnfeoo(dot)xyz
44604 it-sondaggio(dot)xyz
44850 clceo(dot)xyz
45365 elolo(dot)xyz
45923 uvwxyz(dot)xyz
45973 hjasfooa(dot)xyz
46445 abbcl(dot)xyz
47476 ramayana(dot)xyz
48142 djmaza(dot)xyz
48406 btcboom(dot)xyz
49831 globalmp3(dot)xyz
50562 interstitialadservices(dot)xyz
51960 traffic2cash(dot)xyz
52213 frpops(dot)xyz