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    Hello NamePros,
    India recently hosted the first
    non-US NamesCon. It was successfully organized event and kudos to all the organizers.

    I was lucky to have attended it. It was my very first Domain Names Conference and yes it was amazing.
    Here is a glimpse of events and networking for those who missed it:

    • GoDaddy Keynote about Aftermarket and stuff for Domainers.
    Karishma Wadhwani, Product Manager at GoDaddy started proceedings of the day with her keynote on some of the new Updates that GoDaddy had in store for domainers.

    It was followed by a felicitation from GoDaddy.

    Chetan Varma receiving Award from Karishma on Behalf of GoDaddy.

    Chetan Varma is an Indian Domainer. He has sold a lot of domains through GoDaddy and also have a huge inventory of names managed with them.

    • Domain registries compare newGTLD strategies
    Representatives from Radix, Donuts and .CLUB registry had a panel discussion which was moderated by Bradon Pollock. It was basically aimed to get insights of marketing strategies that registries are using for their newGTLDs. This helped the investors know where to spend their money:xf.wink: .


    From Left to Right :
    Barden Pollock , MC at NamesCon India
    Nivu Hussain, Marketing Manager at .CLUB Domains LLC

    Anand Vora, Director of Business Development at Donuts
    Sandeep Ramchandani, VP and Business Head at Radix

    · The undervaluation of .net

    Manish Dalal , VP Asia Pacific at Verisign shared insights about .net . He explained how .net is second to .com with the huge number of domain registrations and a massive amount of sales. Considering this fact there lies many opportunities in .net which Investors should definitely look into.
    BigRock also announced a start of there campaign called NoDifference which aims to spread the idea that .com & .net are at par with each other.


    · Fire Side Chat with Domainers:

    Sai Pola, CEO at were the 1st to address the gathering. He is a very experienced domainer, commonly known for his portfolio sale of domains for $1million. He shared interesting stories of domain name sales and also development side of domains.

    Another veteran Indian domainer Deepak Daftari shared old stories about domain names. How it used to be in those days, his portfolio flip to Nat Cohen and much more. In his opinion, there are lot many opportunities in .com today and we just have to be alert Example of one being

    Left: Braden Pollock, Right: Deepak Daftari

    · Internet Policy discussion by ICANN India chief.

    Samiran Gupta, ICANN India Chief shared with the audience, vision, and plans of ICANN for the future. With the advent of widespread adoption of Internet, we would see rapid adoption from a country like India and it is important that people should here be aware of ICANN and participate in its activities.

    Samiran Gupta addressing the audience.

    · Appraising Domain Names for Auction


    A panel of renowned Domain Name Investors:
    Prakhar Bindal , CEO [1st from left]
    Pankaj Vijayvargiya , CEO Bitlevel International , [2nd from left]
    Samit Madan, CEO at MediaWiz [3rd from left]
    Aishwin Vikhona , owner Global Websoft ,[4th from left]
    Dave Evanson, Senior Domain Broker at [5th from left]

    And Host Braden Pollock [6th from left]

    The panel appraised some of the domains that were up at the online auction that was to follow.

    Some of them were great keyword domains including,

    The most liked newGTLD name on cards was as Cricket is the most popular sport in India. The panel was also kind enough to take questions from the audience and helped appraise some of the names that audience gave asked for. They also explained what thouht process and parameters went into valuing that domain name.

    • Online Sedo Auction , Merchandise Giveaway , After Party and fun.
    The Sponsors had more in store for the audience with many Pen-Drives , T-Shirts and merchandises given for free to the audience.

    Summing up, it was a great opportunity for Indian Domainers to network , Registries and Registrars to spread their word to the upcoming online Nation and great business opportunity for Domaniers.

    India does prove to be the hidden powerhouse of domain names and many big domainers are Indians. Future seems to be bright for Indian Domain Name Industry.

    Link to videos and official FB page >> Here

    That’s all from my side. Let me know your views on the coverage, by your comments and likes below.


    Christian Voss, CMO & Soeren von Varchmin, President WorldHostingDays



    Dave Evanson & Me @Pat8

    PS: This is my first blog post so please ignore any mistakes from my side but do let me know these via PM:xf.wink:. I have also tried my best to cover the event but if you have any more points to share then do let me know via PM or comment below. Other attendees can share their experience by commenting below.
    Most of the names I mentioned here are at NamePros so if anyone knows there NamePros handle then please comment below.

    The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of NamePros.
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    Well done Pat, very nice coverage.

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    Good cover up brother
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    Detail coverage, wish I could be there

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