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    The Small Jobs Marketplace is going to be your "Brand" The most wanted microjob (gigs buying selling) marketplace like fiverr. Fully automated business. High potential "Passive income".
    See the awesome "2 in 1 Bonus" offer at the bottom:

    Domain Features ►
    Unique & rare gig marketplace name entrepreneur love to submit their gigs
    Godaddy Appraisal value $1,232.

    Website Features ►
    SEO optimize design and content
    Super easy managing options
    No experience required for running the site
    Just enter your Paypal and start receiving money into your PayPal
    Full technical support available on skype
    Free push for the Domain on your dynadot account

    Website Overview ►
    You are going to bid on this auction because you know what is fiverr?
    It's not a secret anymore as every one knows that it is the most popular money making website on the internet.
    So why don't you take advantage of a similar website that makes you money using a great Microjob Site. is the right place where you can make good money even NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED for running this website because it is fully functional and easy to run website that even a newbie can manage easily no matter if he/she does not know the programming or coding. comes with everything you need to start profitable micro jobs site. It's also comes Bundled with a minisite that sell tips and trick how to outsource Fiverr and make more profit from it's cheap price. In a short word: I'm going to give you Double money maker sites !

    How does it work?►
    Very simple method. There are 3 parties. The buyer, the seller and the website owner (you). The seller will list their services on your site and the buyer will purchase the services. The web owner will take a commission from the payment and pay seller the rest.
    A (seller) is selling facebook likes for $50
    and B (buyer) purchase it and make a payment on your site.
    C (web owner) will take a commission of 20% ($10) and pay A the rest ($40).

    Package details: ►
    1. 100% Ready to make money sites !
    a. With Newest and Modern design ! Exclusively designed to attract the visitors to buy on your site ! You can earn 20 % commission from every purchase that buyer made. Imagine how much money will you make if there's many buyers come to your site !
    2. Domain Name. The Domain name is a fiver specific domain that very easy to remember. Domain name contains of main keywords, so it's really great for SEO.

    Transfer details ►
    Domain : Free push to your account
    Website: Free transfer on your host
    Domain Expiry: August 2020

    BUY NOW PRICE: $75/-
    Payment by Paypal (within 24 hours)
    The Buyer will get:
    Expiry: Sep, 2020 (full year to renew) | Domain will be pushed only
    Any Question, Message me.
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  2. shabash786

    shabash786 Domains + Business Websites VIP

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