Future Proofing Your Domain Investments

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  1. Levi_charlz

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    I have taken several measures to future proof my domain investments and ensure that my family inherit my most valuable domains (should anything happen).

    After learning about recent successful US trademark registration and the rapidly evolving decentralised web and associated names (.Zil, .Crypto, .Eth), I also made steps to legally secure Trademarks and purchased the decentralised counterparts for my most valuable domains in an attempt to future proof them.

    If I was an investor/business about to part with serious money for a .com domain, it would make sense that I would want all my bases covered to protect my brand.

    Using ‘®’ as an example, I took following steps to future proof, add value and security for potential buyers.

    1. Registered for max 10 years
    2. Registered U.K. Trademark (US planned)
    3. Registered .Eth, .Zil, .Crypto and several other TLD’s
    4. Created Websites and Social Media Accounts

    Has anyone else taken such measures to secure their investments long term?
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  2. Levi_charlz

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    Just me then 😆

    I’ll get my coat
  3. has2hands

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    I am almost 60 years old and in good shape. I am blessed enough to sell domains on consistant basis and they generate income for myself and wife. I have approx. 1700 names. I have DTVS (lock) on my names at Godaddy, so all transfers much be phoned to my house and I must verbally approve transfer.

    I have:
    1) approx. 5-10% of names are registered 5-8 years out. These are my "better" names.
    2) Yearly, automatic renewals on 99% of names.
    3) Thru osmosis and coaching, my wife understands the transfer system and basic domain values. That is because I talk to her and ask her opinion on domains. Took years but she sees the income and understands it is important top her future.
    4) I place BIN values on names at Afternic and Godaddy, helps the wife.
    5) I have relationship with my Godaddy rep and have introduced wife to him and rep understands and helps out. He basically calls weekly for domain sales and transfers, so wife listens.
    6) We have "plan" to sell or auction 50 or so names each month thru auction houses, if wife needs income quickly.

    Best plan is to have someone close and knowledgeable. My wife could care less but the income changes minds :)

    So, just some easy stuff.
  4. TauseefKhan

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  5. Erwin

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    To help future proof your domains it’s also important others close you know the importance in protecting & your mobile phone number (2 factor authentication & email adress(es) associated with the domain name(s)
  6. Levi_charlz

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    Great point!
  7. du6262

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    • And hide your private information appropriately
  8. lock

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    Even if i gave away my domains to domainers most wouldn't be handled to achieve maximin investment so good luck with unexperienced family.
  9. HotKey

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    Good stuff. So basically, happy wife = happy life. Best security one could have. I agree with involving the better half, over the years they will pick up a thing or two and put it to use should the time arise.

    Cool you've developed a face relationship with a domain rep, we are straying from that and who better to vouch for you than a real person.

    Not to the extremes you have taken. I think it makes sense to secure some domains in up-and-coming domain systems like blockchain, and have done so in the .crypto extension as well as Handshake. More than a handful of domains into every possible scenario could be an endless, expensive practice, especially getting into marks and 10 year renewals.

    Covering bases for your own company brand as a lifetime commitment, that is some good food for thought as to future-proofing. Thanks for the layout.
  10. AEProgram

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    Just sat down my wife to talk about this and how to deal with the domains should something happen. She slipped up and tells me "talk to my boyfriend, he's way more technical". Guess it's time to think about future proofing this marriage.

    Jokes aside, you raise some valid points. I will have to seriously put together a plan and instructions, its really scary to think that if something happens this second so much will be lost that could help my family.

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