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[For Hire] CSS Coder, Designer, Joomla Skins

Located in Developers and Designers For Hire started by LeetPCUser, Mar 16, 2006.


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    My name is Bryan and I work for my university in web design. I am very good with CSS and skinning joomla. Here is a site I am working on right now that validates and is a clean looking site, all hand coded:


    This site will be going live soon and submitted to Google. I designed this whole site for $200. The original can be found at:


    Also, for Joomla I have been known to do work. Whether it is a custom template or redesigning a previously made template to work with your site:


    This is the website for our local tv station on campus. I came up with the design. This uses Joomla for all the editing.

    Edited Templates:

    The first one is the local coffee house on campus. The site doesn't have much because they have been too lazy to do any real design.

    The second one is the Residence Hall Associations website on campus. Both of these use an original Joomla template but I really like the fact that I brought in a nice touch towards the groups. Also, I do Favicons. At the moment my boss has screwed them up but they did work before.

    If you need some design PM me for a quote. I do it based on what the consumer wants and needs. My prices vary depending upon the amount of money and the size of a business.

    Thanks For Reading,
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