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Fixing the Supply Chain

Almost everybody in the broadband industry is now aware that the industry is suffering supply chain issues. ISPs are having problems obtaining many of the components needed to build a fiber network in a timely manner, which is causing havoc with fiber construction projects. I’ve been doing a lot of investigation into supply chain issues, and it turns out the supply chain is a lot more complex than I ever suspected, which means it’s not going to be easy to get the supply chain back to normal.

One of the supply chain issues that is causing problems throughout the economy is the semi-conductor chip shortage. Looking at just this one issue demonstrates the complexity of the supply chain. A similar story can be told about other supply chain issues like fiber and conduit. Consider all of the following issues that have accumulated to negatively impact the chip supply chain.

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Electronic Components Shortage: A Tale of Two Decades

In 2001, there was so much excess component inventory in the supply chain that more than $13 billion worth of semiconductors alone was written down or off by component makers, distributors and customers. People still wince at the memory.

In 2021, there’s such a severe shortage of semiconductors that the automotive industry is set to lose more than $100 billion in sales because it can’t get chips. “Desperation” is a term that’s been kicked around.

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