Evergreen Domains: What Are The Evergreen Keywords To Target As A Domainer

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    Very simple ...

    If you look for evergreen keywords in domaining, look for new gTLD extensions.

    We have now new gTLD extensions like
    etc....there are now few hundreds of them.

    Think little deeper about why they are, what they are, and you will get your answer :)
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    Very nice.
    I´ll give it a start with the Top 100 keywords of around 2012. Like many of us I use a "secret" hand-made treasure list of words when it comes to the less inspired handregs. One source for my list is a Top 10,000 word list I loaded down at least seven years ago.
    The weak thing is I cannot recall where from it is (though I believe it was and what kind of terms it contains: SEO keywords, Google SERPs or something else? Well, here is the old list:

    And now we could discuss how surprisingly good or bad nTLDs are represented in this list and what it means for this thesis:
    Remember, the nTLD plans were made back then when the list was created.
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    Yes, I think all of the registries used the most common prefix and most common suffix in registered domain names as they were deciding what to propose and bid on. The CEO of Radix at NamesCon indicated a bit of the route that Radix used. I am going by memory (have notes somewhere) but I think he said they started with about 1000 possibilities, worked two years on data analysis, eventually getting to the 9 they run (I think one of them was not in the original group?). I don't know whether all of the registries took the same approach. Clearly Donuts went for a much longer list of very specialized extensions.

    But in general, I agree that many of the most desired prefix and suffix with long term ("evergreen") life are represented in the TLDs of the new extensions.

  4. Blitzpotz

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    If you follow the daily Namebio reports you fill find an analysis of Keyword (x1), Keyword (x2), Keyword (x3), Keyword (x4). Anyone likes to share sources/definitions for these x-categories?

    After 12 years of domaining I still feel like a digital Kaspar Hauser so often.
  5. oldtimer

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    "Evergreen" Domains is another name for Domains with Inherent Value, these are different than Liquid Domains since it might take a few years to find the right buyer for them, but you know that they are worth hanging on to because eventually they will sell, that is if you want to sell them some collectors might rather just hang on to their "Evergreen" domains and some other domainers might decide to put them to some good use for themselves instead of selling them.

    It's worth noting that sometimes you might get a low appraisal on some of your "Evergreen" domains from the automated appraisal sites and that's when you have to rely on your own judgement and domaining skills to realize the Inherent Value in your domain, but most "Evergreen" domains are pretty obvious and usually fall within the top 10 to 20 percent of everyone's portfolio that gets renewed for multiple years at a time without having any second thoughts as to whether they are worth hanging on to on a long term basis or not.

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  6. oskaaay

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    I respect your view but in the domaining world, nothing is pegged. Some names are written off but eventually when sold still makes pros feel HOW?

    Thus, its more of focusing on end-user needs and perspective in domain research than fellow domainers who usually see no much value in domains till they see it sold beyond their price tag.

    In the end, the end-user determines a lot.
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    Hi, my viewpoint
    is in respect to the example domain you posted( and how it, to you,
    fit in some "evergreen category" that was based on separate search volumes of each word.... rather than search volume for the whole domain.
    in addition to you suggesting that Washington would be recognized as the city (D.C) and capital of usa, when it fact, it would more likely be associated with or be confused with the state of Washington.
    so, the whole premise had fallacies and therefore couldn't result in a logical conclusion.

    now, to me, that's a common sense thing, and it's not "pegged" into domaining either.
    some things you just see and somethings you learn how to see

    endusers, aren't as naïve' or as gullible as some may think, and can be just as discerning when it comes to "choosing" a domain name.

  8. oskaaay

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    Thanks for your contributions. I respect your view too.

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