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    A word of warning to anyone thinking of listing their domains for sale on ebay. i've had an ebay seller account for 16 years, 100% positive feedback rating. I'm only, or was only a casual private seller with a few dozen listings. Over recent years, i've tried selling a few domains on there with limited success.

    A while ago I posted on one of ebays seller discussion boards about how poor sales have been of late in general only to attract the advances of a prolific troll, not an ebay seller, only a buyer, posting 400 posts a month (!) offering advice to ebay sellers, usually with a particularly arrogant, sarcastic & condecending tone.

    Said troll first insinuated that I was a business seller, trying to drop me in the £$^ with ebay, & then when I started to reply to their trolling posts, came back saying they had checked whois & took great delight in telling everyone that one of my domains was not even registered to me & that I was trying to fraudulently sell domains that I did not own ! Obviously I did own said domains & all the others I had listed. Not wishing to get embroilled in an argument as I had other listings & suspect said troll would try to scam me i some way, I bit my tounge & did not reply again.

    Now I may be wrong but after the initial exchange I gained 3 'watchers' on everyone of my 60 odd listings ! This is not the first time this has happened, last time I posted questioning the lack of sales on ebay, another troll from memory attacked me & shortly after I gained 7 'watchers' on every single listing.

    Now this may have just been said trolls & their mates taking thep!55 but there have been other strange irregularities with my account since which is somewhat troubling and has made me think these posters may not what they seem.........

    Needless to say i've removed all of my domains from ebay & will probably remove all other items listed as well & cease to try & sell anything on ebay.

    In short DON'T trying to sell your domain names on ebay, A. you won't sell them & B. the risk of being scammed & losing your domains & money, as ebay won't protect you as a seller is too great.
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