domains Domain Names Are Fueling the Latest NFT Craze on Ethereum

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The Ethereum Name Services has generated $1.3 million in sales over the last 24 hours, as .eth domain sales surge 2,300%.

In the past week, the ENS saw a 119% increase in domain name registrations, and the total number of active .eth names is up 7%.


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People really will put money into any old crap won't they. Big bubble. The people making the money are whoever invented it, not the people putting their hard earned cash into it for speculation.
Actually there's been massive use of them. On crypto twitter they are most users' nickname, business card, wallet, flex and so on. All in one. Furthermore registration and operation both require no interaction with third parties; even though most use the ENS website, everything could be done directly interacting with the smart contract.
Don't fade these names guys.
Those are initial registration numbers – like a new registry launching and people registering the first domains in the primary market. The better data to look at to gauge bona fide demand would be the number of trades of .eth names on the secondary market – how often are the .eth names changing hands and at what prices?