sales Does Insta/twitter/linkedIn/Facebook Ads Help Sell Domain Name?

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I was thinking of promoting domain names via social media marketing. Any insight if these marketing actions be helpful?
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I would be interested to know the answer to that also. I have been selling my own domains for over 25 years but have never paid to advertise them. All my sales are through brokers or domain marketplaces. But I only generate around 1 sale a year this way, so I am always looking for better ways to get sales.

I recently created a site to sell my own domains at where it has domain auctions in the Metaverse and also an automated negotiation bot if you instead want to buy the domain right away. This new technology got a lot of domainers to look at the site, but has not led to any sales yet. The main problem is that I really need to target end users, not domainers.

The question for what you are doing then, would be are you targeting domainers or end users? If you are trying to target end users, there are lots of ways to do that on LinkedIn (such as Linkedin Sales Navigator), but I am not so sure how easy that is on Insta/Twitter/Facebook. Because those platforms are more about targeting users based on their interests. For example if you are trying to sell a boating related domain, you want to target people who own (or maybe work at?) boat companies, not people who are interested in or own boats.
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End-users vs. other domainers, that is the question that you need to address before pricing domains.