Do you get buyer's remorse and start purging soon after?

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    So I've hit the 100+ domains mark several times and admittedly, upon looking at them from a rationale and objective point of view (as domains are subjective in nature) every few weeks, I just start purging like times up to 50% of my portfolio!

    Not worth my time to list them anywhere at any price. Just click - delete. I guess this goes to show you shouldn't impulse buy names because you read one thread or comment that's popular, and try to achieve the same outcome. I'm now down to 55 from 100. Anyone else impulse buy and soon after, ask yourself "WTF was I thinking???"

    I toss mostly .us, .info., me and .biz and hacks. Here are two examples: and --------------> WTF was I thinking???? Poker not even spelled out and 88 tagged on for extra effect lol, and is supposed to read humor "meme". So lame haha.
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