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ChatGPT and AI (Artificial Intelligence), these two words were either completely nonsensical or not taken seriously ten years ago. They are now on everyone’s lips, and at the tips of everyone’s pen. Of course, being in the business of domain names, we wanted to check how AI and domain names would interact.

As a short answer: yes, you can create decent domain names with AI. ChatGPT does warn you that you should only take these as inspiration, but some of the ones we created can be used directly. Also, a heads-up, though AI programs like ChatGPT do know other languages than English, they still have some issues giving you a spot-on answer in the same way they do in English.
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All great and almost all good names have been taken, no tool is going to help with that.

However, since we already own those good/great names (right?, if these AI naming tools are widely used by end users, perhaps our portfolios get more exposure.
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