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Labeled as domain in Domain Appraisal started by Jackie, Nov 3, 2008.


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  1. Jackie

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    You all know what a DN is, whether you're already making a living domaining or you just stumbled through the door of Namepros. It's nothing but, a Domain Name! Look at Popular industry news sites, from to, tools like, or new domain sales sites including and DN (Domain Names) are Everywhere!

    * A genuine two letter domain! Not many TLDs allow two letter domains to be registered anymore and this is no joke, it's not an IDN.
    * .VC is the ccTLD for St Vincent and the Grenadines (a country in the aCaribbean) but anyone in the world can buy a .VC domain name. .VC is sometimes branded as Venture Capital, Virtual Community, Video Conference or Channel, or Vancouver (my city!)
    * The renewal fee is $34.99/yr at Dotster, a reasonable amount among ccTLDs like this and honestly a bargain for an entire year of two letter 'DN' goodness!
    * Comparable Sales! - sold for $175 in Aug 2008 according to, other two letter domains sold for some nice amounts like ($2k), ($2K), ($400), ($2k), ($460), ($541)...

    * was a fairly well known URL shortening site when the previous owner owned it. See*/ It still has BACKLINKS from this and a 3,695,222 Alexa Rank so it may get traffic. I've just parked it to see if it may get traffic (I don't know yet), if it does, this will be a great bonus.

    It will be appreciated if you give me comments on this GEM of a name :imho:! If anything, it is a great novelty because how can you beat having a site there and an email address like [email protected] - in fact, I'm just about to set up Google Apps on it. It's very possible I will develop this domain soon.

    Thanks for looking! :wave:
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  2. thunderforce

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    2L.almost anything = winner

    Based on the following information you have provided, should be worth at least mid $xxx as is, and more when you develop the domain:

    Comparable Sales! - sold for $175 in Aug 2008 according to, other two letter domains sold for some nice amounts like ($2k), ($2K), ($400), ($2k), ($460), ($541)...

    Nice info, and good luck :tu:

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