NameSilo & Sell, Develop or Dump?

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    What are these two names worth or are they worth developing to monetize?

    A few minutes ago I hand registered

    I think it's a good name for a motorcycle gear store. I knew someone years ago that did fairly well selling helmets and cycle accessories online.

    I bought around 7 years ago from 'Buy Domains' They were asking $2,400. After a few days of haggling I bought it for $1,650. That's the most I've ever paid for a domain.

    Any ideas on the value or best use of

    An edgy name for an Organic Gardening site
    BMX/ Dirt Bike / ATV / 4x4 / P.O.D and drop shipping site
    Skateboarder T Shirt etc. site
    Name for a Rock Band!
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