Difference Between Email-Marketing and Spamming

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    Okay so I feel that this is an issue that many new domainers struggle with, and one that needs to be cleared up for the sake of the entire domaining community. Somebody asked me to explain the difference between Email Marketing and Spamming through my own experience of it, through what I have learnt as a domainer, and so I thought I'd make a thread where everyone who needs it will be able to read it and learn from it :-, A thread to help new domainers avoid the mistake of spamming, and a thread to help current domainers receive less of the spam they're already receiving.

    Spamming is a costly mistake for somebody to make when starting out; it gives the person doing it a bad name for themselves within the domaining community and it will reduce the potential value in the domains which are being spammed, so it's best to avoid it altogether. It's common for people to see the misconception between spamming and email marketing, and It's something that I myself was slightly confused about when I was starting out also. I think most people who spam don't do it intentionally and are just people hoping to generate some sales, but end up spamming because they haven't been taught how to actually email market.​

    So firstly, what is the difference?
    There's this false idea that as a domainer, you're driven to buy every single domain that you can get a hold of simply because the domain may look good, and may even have some good stats like domain authority or age behind it. And with this mindset, people end up filling their portfolio's with a bunch of maybe good looking, but worthless domains. And they expect to sell them.
    Of course once somebody stocks up on so many names, they're going to want to sell them for profit. And so what they end up doing next is wasting hours making the biggest email lists that you can possibly imagine - full of the emails of every domainer there is, of every single person that holds a domain that may contain a similar keyword, and of literally the whole wide world.
    They'll then email out their entire portfolio to everybody on those email lists, with the hopes that by the very slightest chance 1 of those domains may sell.
    The problem with this for people doing this is, is they're creating a lot of extra and unnecessary work for themselves. They end up exhausting themselves and tiring themselves out, which soon makes them become fed up with domaining. This also creates a bad image for domaining as well as tiring the person out. The problem with this for other domainers receiving these emails is that it gets repetitive and annoying for them to constantly get these emails, and a negative impression ends up being created towards those who spam like that.
    The sales tactics behind a method like this is that the domain owners rely on hope and chance to sell their names; they hope that by chance 1 person out of those hundreds or thousands would be interested. And so overall it's not a very good method, and very few sales will be made this way.
    So that's what spamming is. The wrong approach to take.

    Email Marketing
    Whereas Email Marketing on the other hand starts with finding a good domain name in a trending niche, which new companies who will be looking to build business' around those niches will be interested in buying.
    This leaves you with a vast amount of already existing end users who will be looking to purchase a domain to develop websites on for their new business'. Which is where the Email Marketing comes in. Those are the End Users to target when Email Marketing, as they'll be looking for what you're selling, instead of emailing every random domainer.

    What this means is instead of being driven to buy any old domain because it may look good, you're driven to buy a domain name based on how the market is moving and based on what there is a demand for.
    Essentially you have to think to yourself "what are people looking to buy right now, and what are companies looking to invest into right now that I can get a domain in". And you find the answer to these questions by finding niches that are trending on the market right now, and buying a good domain in that niche. You can do by looking at threads like this one on NamePros to see what's in demand:

    Niche Domain Discussion

    nce you've done that, half the work is already done for you. You'll have a domain in a trending niche, which means that traffic will naturally be driven towards it if it's a good name.
    Take for example the domain: It's a good name. Frankly there isn't a name better for DVD Players. But it's such an expired companies will be looking to build a business to sell DVD Players in 2016, and so no companies will be looking to buy the domain DVD Players were popular in 1999 and 2000, so 16 years later in 2016 going into 2017 when videos and movies are available through online streaming, a domain like that has barely any value as there are 0 end users for it, which is probably why it's parked and not developed.
    As well as that, the niche is so old that it's saturated, meaning that there are no new companies selling DVD Players and the only companies still selling DVD Players are large, corporate high street brands who will have 0 interest in buying a new domain name from a random domainer.

    Whereas VR and Drones are trending niches at this moment in time, so if you manage to get a good name in those niches, you already have a multitude of end users because those are the niches that companies are building business' around. And where there is a new, start up company looking to build a business, there is an end user to email market to. :-,
    And that's exactly what email marketing is.
    Finding targeted users for your domains who'll likely want to purchase from you - not just emailing random domain holders who own domains with a similar keyword to the ones you own. Domainers tend to not like being email unless they have specifically stated that they're looking to buy a particular type of domain, that way they'll be expecting to be emailed. :-,

    The emailing is the easy part. Simply state in the email that you hold a domain name which could be of interest to them, state why it may be beneficial for them to purchase the name, and perhaps leave an asking price for the domain. Don't forget to also leave your name and contact details should they be interested :-, Try to be original with your email, make it your own and make it interesting. Here are some useful templates to use as guides:


    So essentially that's it. It's late and I've probably repeated myself a lot in that, but that's basically how to Email Outbound Users: analyse the market to see what's trending, get a hold of a name that a business will want to build their new business on so that way you have a market to sell to, and purchase that name before selling it for a higher price to that business.

    That's what Iv'e learnt anyway, Hope that helps anybody who may have been thinking of spamming(y)

    Oh another important tip is prior to buying a domain, try to find at least 5 to 10 possible end users who you know will need a domain first.

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    This is amazing. Where you on adderall when you wrote this? (I mean that as a Compliment :xf.grin: :-P ) This is a nice, in depth piece on two phrases often confused with each other in this industry and overlooked.
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    Lots and lots of green tea for those energy boosts :-, aha thanks dude I appreciate that
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    Good advice, thanks & bookmarked.

    TERADOMAIN VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I thought email marketing was for opt-ins...
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    Thanks...Excellent Article..Keep it Up...God Bless
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    it's easy,
    if you or me send an email, people will call us spammers

    if Google,Yahoo or Facebook send them an email, they call it email-marketing,
    and they will talk about how great these companies are at the dinner
    while they will complain about the emails they received from us:xf.wink:

    by the way Hotmail, Yahoo and google build their clients database by taping in the address book of the first people who created an email address with them

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