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    Alan here from Ownage Domains.

    Are you in the health and fitness niche?

    Want to flip this keyword domain for a profit?

    Still interested in getting

    Here are some domain stats:

    Registered: GoDaddy 6/14/16
    Expires: 6/14/18
    Estibot Appraisal: $590
    Monthly Searches: 6,600
    CPC: 2.68
    PPC Advertisers: 10

    Previously Sold Domains Containing MIAMI (367 USD) (5/8/17) (133 USD) (4/26/17) (220 USD) (3/1/17) (205 USD) (2/13/17)

    How you can use it?

    Flip it!
    Obviously you can drive traffic to an auction or do some keyword research (diet miami), and find companies in the health and fitness niche who are ranking or bidding on this keyword. PITCH THEM THE FEATURES AND BENEFITS OF DIETMIAMI.COM.

    Develop it!
    For ideas, go to google, enter the keyword (diet miami), get some ideas and go for it.

    A simple blog with diet and diet-related info related to Miami can do the trick. Monetize that bitch! You should have no problems finding affiliate or CPA products in the health and fitness niche.

    Still interested?
    Go and get it on GoDaddy for $50 before I auction it off myself.
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