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  1. cryptomainnet

    cryptomainnet Established Member

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    12 - Purchased frp, as a hand registered name.

    I imagine this domain will have a significant amount of traffic over the coming years which is why I bought it.
    Currently, all cryptocurrency mainnet news sources use the term "Crypto Mainnet"

    It can also be used as a media/news source for any updates to coin/token mainnet launches like the Ethereum Mainnet Explorer - ETH2 - PoS over the following two years.

    Sites like and aren't giving it a high appraisal, nor is, and I believe because the words being used together is a new thing.

    I also have which I feel would suit a FinTech end user (There are no TM for these as I checked with the WIPO Brand Database,)

    Anyway, do you think this name "" has future value or current value?
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  2. Verysassyc

    Verysassyc Established Member

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    I had to do some reading to understand what a mainnet is. It definitely is a bitcoin term. I tried to find the market worth of mainnet...I didn't come up with anything.
    It's hard to's all new tech. I can see this having potential as a bitcoin new's site...but you need five years to let this domain tech be more meaningful.
    If I had to put a value on it right now... $250 reasonable offer...$800/900 if lucky.
    here are some comparables: bitcoinnetwork $202 (2019) $1600 (2018) $104 (2020) $372 (2020)
  3. cryptomainnet

    cryptomainnet Established Member

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    12 is like cryptocurrency mainnet. Most ICO's don't have a mainnet, and when they do and it's successful, their price may improve.

    I have

    and more.

    BitcoinMainnet is asking for $36,000

    It'll be a searched term and the success and more valuable mainnet is (scalability etc) the better

    If you google Crypto Mainnet, there's lots of recent news topics because a mainnet is an intrinsic element to blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure.

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