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  1. Alox Capital

    Alox Capital New Member

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    Looking to find an appraisal for Thinking it could go for mid to high $XXX, but looking for other opinions as well.

    The word "Cryo" stands for "involving or producing cold, especially extreme cold." Therefore it can be a play on words for the term "Cold Cash".

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  2. jim h

    jim h Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    I would say $1200
  3. Alox Capital

    Alox Capital New Member

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    Thanks Jim for your opinion, very much appreciate it. Anyone else?
  4. Heesoon

    Heesoon Upgraded Member Blue Account

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    I would love to own! Great DN! I would say: $5,000~$10,000
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  5. Mike Goodman

    Mike Goodman Established Member

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    If you can capitalise on it it's a great play on words with Bitcoin.

    Cryogenics was all the rage a few years ago when people were having their bodies deep frozen for posterity - in the belief the science was advancing sufficiently to bring them back to life at some future time. That has gone. But you may have found a new angle.

    Between the cryogenics nonsense and today, Bitcoin was invented. The CPU capacity drain and heat generation in Bitcoin mining was a real barrier to entry. However, some folk in the Russian tundra realised that the caves and the cold were ideal conditions to keep the computer banks working - row upon row, tier upon tier of computers - for Bitcoin mining usage.

    The Russian authorities allowed very cheap electricity to this region in order to persuade its citizens not to migrate in various directions, mainly to Moscow, to escape the dreadful climatic conditions.

    A Bitcoin mining combination designed in heaven.

    If you can get the message over to potential end users of that marketing story and the power of it, you have a 5 to 6 figure, possibly even 7 figure, winner.

    I'm not saying that will be easy but if you can get the message across to one of the high power agencies you could sell to them for high 4, low to mid 5 figure with a relatively quick turnaround.

    Look, if I had the cash right now, I'd give you 9,999 in USD tonight. (wherever you are, it's 22:20 BST right here right now). And I don't even know where or who to sell a crypto currency domain to. I'd damned quickly find out!
  6. sourdomains

    sourdomains New Member

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    Great Domain. Anywhere from $1000-$5000. Relates to bitcoin.
  7. DomainLockr

    DomainLockr Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Not sure where it would apply to Bitcoin (aka Crypto). Cryo is much different than Crypto.

    I can see it used as a startup name for an online savings account service or such.

    I'd value it at around $3,500. It's short, two words, and brandable.

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