Creating A Backup Of Your Website : Why, When & How?

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    Many web hosting companies provide with website backup as a part of the web hosting package. If you read some successful web hosting reviews, you will know how important it is to create backup of your website. Although your web hosting company might provide with free backups or if they provide backups with an additional charge, it is crucial that you also do your part when it comes to creating backups.

    Why Backup Your Website?

    You are probably aware of the answer to this question; however, just to remind you that your web host might experience a server crash or a technical difficulty that might result in temporary or permanent destruction of your data. This is a rare care scenario, but it is always better to be prepared for it. For efficient hosting, get the information about the web hosting company’s data center and power sources. The web hosting company must have redundant power and backup generators.

    Ofcourse, it is not just the web hosting company that can mess up; there is also a possibility of your own computer / laptop getting stolen or there might be a crash! Moreover, we all are aware about the increased hacking attempts on the net.

    Irrespective of how good your web hosting company is, hackers might be able to break in and steal the data from your website. If your content is not saved in some other location, you might lose huge amount of work and resources.

    When To Create The Backup?

    The web hosting company will generate regular backups of your website content; however, make sure that you are aware about the details of these backups. Check whether this is a scheduled event also check if the backups are done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; or if they are simply created at any point of time. Usually, even if you opt for any affordable web hosting platform, the respective web hosting company has a schedule of creating backups.

    If you own an engaging website that has a large amount of incoming traffic, it’s a smart decision to create complete backup on a daily basis. Perhaps, you might schedule the backup to operate at night or when your website is a little less busy or whenever you are not working on it.

    All the website owners have the best intentions when it comes to backing up a website. However, at times those intentions are kept aside when business operations need more time. The key to this is to create a backup routine according to your convenience. If you have cr4eated a daily backup schedule for your website, then it will go that way!

    How To Backup Your Website?

    See if your webs hosting company offers with some advice or support for taking website backup. Check the knowledgebase and support center of your web hosting company; if you find the ‘search’ option, search for ‘backup’ and read the information you find. Usually, you will come across many basic features and other important information related to website backup. By referring to this information, you can create a backup copy of all your website data files and then download them and save them on the computer.

    The cPanel hosting platform or any other CMS hosting platform like WordPress hosting, Magento hosting, Drupal hosting etc. also comprises of features that enable you to backup the MySQL databases. You might also prefer to use an FTP client in order to download the copies of all your files from the host server. This is also an important step if you decide to switch the web hosting companies in the future.

    You can take the backup of your data in your computer, in an external hard drive or in a DVD. You can also subscribe to the backup services online. First start with a good web hosting platform and see what it has to offer. Most of the good web hosting companies do everything possible in order to ensure that your data is secured.
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