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    This domain dropped on 2018-03-09 and was first registered in 2007 you can get the Hosterstats domain registration history here for proof. Already its .Com and .Org counterparts are long taken (obviously) and are parked at sedo. The possibilities of this domain are endless Starting bid: $500
    Increment: $1
    BIN: $600
    Ends: 24 hours after last bid
    Registrar: dynadot
    Expires: 2019-03-13
    Payment: payoneer escrow/Btc, Eth
    Transfer: push to your dynadot account only
    Below are few of the similar sales on namebio
    Similar sales are: 70,000 USD 2017-12-14 2,501 USD 2018-03-08 4,588 USD 2018-02-24 6,297 USD 2018-02-02 2,550 USD 2017-12-25 2,125 USD 2017-12-25 25,000 USD 2017-11-27 3,000 USD 2017-12-08 2,488 USD 2017-09-10 3,900 USD 2017-10-20
    Appup.com3,000 USD2018-01-16
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    Appjobs.com10,000 USD2017-05-12 2,288USD2017-05-12
    Applaunchers.com1,100 USD2017-05-09
    Applike.com1,725 USD2017-06-14 3,339 USD2017-05-30
    There are many more available on namebio
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