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Starter Amazon affiliate site with 100+ products $60

What is this site about:

It's an Amazon affiliate site targeting keywords & products like organic pen, pencil, organic ink, fountain pen, paper pen, wooden pen, pen/pencil holder, etc. Over hundreds of product pages created, visitors will go straight to amazon products while pressing the buy now button. Your affiliate link will be there.

We can say it's a micro niche site. Many products are available on Amazon, Etsy, eBay from the niche.

You can increase category & products as much as you want. The site has an automatic product adding feature with photos and descriptions of the product with few clicks. I will personally show you all if you wish.

Features of the site

  • Automatic Amazon product adding with your affiliate link
  • Auto product page, images, description, buy now button
  • Add as many as products you want
  • Can add products from other sites like eBay, Etsy, Walmart. Clickbank also
  • Auto backup plugin added
  • Best security plugin added
  • Auto SSL added
  • Some paid plugins are installed with a genuine license like WP rocket, perfmatters, etc.
  • Paid theme used(not available online for free).
  • Unique home page design by me.
  • All legal pages created like Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, etc.
  • On-page SEO optimized like title, meta description, keyword targeting
Product page sample

Can I add products other than Amazon?

Yes, you can. You can add products from eBay, Etsy, Clickbank, Walmart, etc. Too

How much does it earning right now & potential

I just created the site, so it's not earning anything right now. If we do some SEO, content marketing, social marketing, or even paid to advertise, it can make a decent income monthly. I would say 2k-3k is possible with little effort but it won't happen overnight. You need to do some work or hire someone to manage the tasks. I will send you detailed instructions to you after the sale.

Why should I buy a site without revenue while many sites with income are available?

Well, you can buy sites already earning well. And I think it's a good investment.

But those sites which are earning good are very costly because there are many months and maybe years of hard work & investment involved in it. Those sites cost you a lot.

Also, some sellers may try to fool you with fake traffic, fake revenue stats.

Not all, but some sellers try this blackhat way to sell sites. They generate fake traffic over quite a few months, gradually. So it's tough to differentiate what is real and what is fake.

I found courses where people teach others how to flip a site with fake traffic, revenues. How to generate counterfeit stats and all this.

I want to stay away from this and be 100% honest about my site.

What to do to make this site earn a decent income

You can achieve the same earning by investing lower with a new starter site. You need to do some SEO, content marketing SMM, Paid to advertise (PPC). You can hire someone to do or manage all the tasks for you. I can offer you SEO/ site management service for revenue myself too.

What about the domain and hosting

Domain registered on; Will push that on buyers exabytes.

Can stay on this Hosting where the site already is for $10 extra for a whole year! Or can transfer the files to your Hosting.

Domain Expiry: 8 months remaining
Traffic: starter site, potential explained above
Payment Options: Paypal, BTC

BIN $60
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