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domains .COMs: Website Buying $35 (15 years) Bermuda Flights $35 (12 years, 4 TLDs) Best Metal Bands $39 Health Food Shops $229 Hesperia Rentals $5 & More


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.COMs listed at Sedo (fixed-price)
C************* SOLD
Bermuda Flights ($35, 12 yrs, popular search) *
Best Metal Bands ($39, high search volume) *
Compare CMS ($799 OBO, 14 yrs, search phrase) *
Commercial Desks ($129, 15 yrs, search phrase) *
F********* SOLD
J************* SOLD
Health Food Shops ($229, 20 years, GD $1305) *
M************ SOLD
Moisturizer Lotion ($99, 9 yrs, Estibot $2400) *
Stables For Sale (make an offer, 16 years) *
T******** SOLD
P****** SOLD
Website Buying ($35, 15 yrs, search phrase) *

* GoDaddy account required for purchase

.COMs at Dynadot (fixed-price)
C********** SOLD
Flash Calculator ($99, 1 year, Estibot: $2800)
H******** SOLD
L*********** SOLD
Woodbridge Mall ($449, 2 yrs, very high search vol.)
Q******** SOLD

.COMs listed at GoDaddy
S************* SOLD
Banco Pharma ($1999 or best offer, GD $3008)
Texas Flooding (make an offer, DA8/PA39, prev. sale) *
Teacher Tablet (make an offer, aged 12 years)
MEJUBA (make an offer, aged 6 yrs, DA36/PA36)

* Once sold for $995. Popular search phrase. Buyer may reuse existing website content.

For Sale at NameCheap Market (fixed-price)
accepts PayPal and credit cards

.COM domain (details)

N****************** SOLD
Hesperia Rentals ($5, population: 94k)
Just Domaining ($49, aged 3 years)
A************** SOLD

Note: The domain age indicated in NameCheap Market listings is sometimes inaccurate.

.NETs great for selling domains
F******** SOLD
Name Deals ($129, website content not included)
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