Coffee.To *RARE* Single Word COFFEE Domain Name! $500

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    Coffee.To *RARE* Single Word COFFEE Domain Name!

    Buy it now for only $500!

    One of the best domain names available in the coffee industry, this great coffee brandable Coffee.To is for sale for only $500 - This domain is registered at Register.To and will push for free to the winners Register.To Account!

    Large Growing Market, Exceptionally High Search Volume

    Coffee is an evergreen topic with a constantly growing search volume. One of the highest searched phrases is "Coffee". There are 550,000 monthly searches that contains this term with a $3.10 Cost Per Click. Coffee is a billion dollar industry and websites with the highest traffic in this field make a lot of money. Coffee.To is a GREAT brandable. This is because it can mean "Coffee TO X location". This can be anywhere around the world! You can truly make a great coffee shipping service or app with this domain name.

    Coffee domains are sold for huge amounts. The closely related and similar value domain name Coffee.Org was sold for $100,000 in 2008 and I think that Coffee.To is just as good if not better because of the play on words!

    Here are some more related Coffee related domain name sales from!!!

    • $12,000 Afternic
    • $6,200 Sedo
    • $5,100 Sedo
    • $55000
    • $14500
    • $7136

      As you can see, Coffee.To is right in line with some of these other high-priced amazing Coffee domain name sales!
    What you can use this domain for?

    This Great Coffee.To domain can be used for a coffee shipping service to ship coffee all around the world. Doesn't "Coffee To X Location" have a nice ring to it? It can also be made into a coffee shipping service with an app attached to it so that people can order coffee beans anywhere around the globe. This truly can help a coffee company break out and become a dominate brand in the coffee industry! Coffee.To is super easy to say, spell, type and remember making it a GREAT BRAND!

    Don't Miss out on your opportunity to own such a valuable domain name! Almost all Coffee extensions are sold out! This is your chance to grab a great domain like Coffee.To and dominate the coffee industry or take your current hard to remember Coffee company domain name and turn it into an amazingly powerful brand! The possibilities are endless with a name like Coffee.To! What are you waiting for! Buy this domain name today while its still available!

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    Payment and transfer details

    Payment to be completed via Paypal or Escrow

    * The domain will be pushed to the buyers account at Register.To. Please note they charge a mandatory $45 transfer fee to transfer the domain to another account.

    *Don't hesitate to ask questions! I appreciate the business!
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