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.CO - The OFFICIAL Discussion, Showcase and Sales Report Thread

Labeled as .co in ccTLD Discussion started by SDX, Apr 9, 2009.


  1. mwzd

    mwzd Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Domain Price Date Venue
    feed.co 85,000 USD 2018-06-04 Sedo
    nurture.co 45,000 USD 2018-03-02 Sedo
    hyphen.co 30,000 USD 2018-03-11 GritBrokerage
    rival.co 30,000 USD 2018-01-21 GritBrokerage
    input.co 30,000 USD 2017-06-11 Grit Brokerage
    sequence.co 25,000 USD 2017-10-08 GritBrokerage
    tow.co 24,000 USD 2017-09-02 Uniregistry
    urban.co 22,500 USD 2017-10-08 Grit Brokerage
    app.co 20,000 USD 2018-04-27 Sedo
    vee.co 18,888 USD 2018-01-14 MagnumDomains
    fort.co 18,000 USD 2018-03-25 GritBrokerage
    range.co 18,000 USD 2018-01-21 GritBrokerage
    vesper.co 15,000 USD 2017-06-11 GritBrokerage
    vest.co 14,200 USD 2018-02-15 Uniregistry
    curate.co 14,000 USD 2018-01-21 GritBrokerage
    themes.co 12,750 USD 2018-01-18 Uniregistry
    truss.co 12,500 USD 2017-10-07 Sedo
    edison.co 12,000 USD 2018-06-01 Sedo
    hybrid.co 12,000 USD 2017-06-25 DomainMarket
    mpc.co 11,318 USD 2018-03-23 Sedo
    kraken.co 10,000 USD 2018-01-12 Sedo
    rise.co 10,000 USD 2017-11-26 Efty
    bitcoins.co 10,000 USD 2017-06-30 Sedo
    xm.co 10,000 USD 2017-06-27 NameJet
    raise.co 9,500 USD 2017-11-03 Sedo
    cmr.co 9,445 USD 2018-01-01 Sedo
    sting.co 9,000 USD 2017-06-11 GritBrokerage
    bpi.co 8,900 USD 2018-01-18 Sedo
    sentinel.co 8,888 USD 2018-04-15 AbdulBasit
    spectra.co 8,700 USD 2017-06-11 GritBrokerage
    avail.co 8,500 USD 2018-03-11 GritBrokerage
    simon.co 8,400 USD 2018-03-02 Uniregistry
    caliente.co 8,029 USD 2018-03-09 Uniregistry
    territory.co 7,500 USD 2017-06-11 GritBrokerage
    bes.co 7,000 USD 2017-12-29 Sedo
    playground.co 7,000 USD 2017-06-29 Uniregistry
    stage.co 7,000 USD 2017-06-27 Uniregistry
    spaceship.co 7,000 USD 2017-06-16 Sedo
    kpi.co 6,999 USD 2017-08-16 Sedo
    board.co 6,900 USD 2018-01-11 Uniregistry
    glance.co 6,487 USD 2017-07-20 Sedo
    stone.co 6,419 USD 2017-08-08 Sedo
    eticket.co 6,200 USD 2018-04-12 Sedo
    alley.co 6,000 USD 2017-07-25 Sedo
    fellow.co 5,999 USD 2018-02-14 Sedo
    dif.co 5,900 USD 2018-05-24 Sedo
    irl.co 5,528 USD 2018-01-14 MagnumDomains
    supply.co 5,269 USD 2018-02-26 Sedo
    pae.co 5,028 USD 2017-08-28 Uniregistry
    augmentedreality.co 5,000 USD 2018-04-25 Sedo
    dao.co 5,000 USD 2018-04-24 Sedo
    odd.co 5,000 USD 2018-03-27 Sedo
    paybit.co 5,000 USD 2018-02-09 Sedo
    werk.co 5,000 USD 2018-01-14 Undeveloped
    waste.co 5,000 USD 2018-01-14 Undeveloped
    transcoins.co 5,000 USD 2017-10-24 Flippa
    particular.co 5,000 USD 2017-10-08 Grit Brokerage
    accelerant.co 5,000 USD 2017-09-08 Sedo
    cultivate.co 5,000 USD 2017-06-11 GritBrokerage

    Data courtesy Namebio - https://namebio.com/?s==EjN1QDM3cTM
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  2. John Napoletano

    John Napoletano JohnNapoletano.com Gold Account

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    CBD.co $50,000 reported on DNJournal. I don't see it listed on NameBio.

    "...acronym's meaning in the rapidly growing legal marijuana industry (CBD stands for "cannabidiol" that, along with THC, is one of two key compounds in cannabis that have proven medicinal value). CBD.co has already been developed into a marketplace for CBD based products."

  3. Domainstore

    Domainstore Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    .CO has had a good run since the re-purposed ccTLD began a new life in 2010 as a globally available domain marketed as an abbreviation for "company" (officially, .CO is the country code for Colombia but authorities there approved the switch to its current use).

    And with the selling of CBD.CO it's the first LLL.CO to reach a sale
    of 50.000 $ (or 50K)
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  4. LeapNames

    LeapNames LeapNames.com Gold Account

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    .co is intriguing to me.
    I just picked up some 1 worders the other day during a $1.99 sale for the first time.

    Cruncher .co
    Punisher .co
    Versatility .co
    Boiled .co
    Hustled .co
    Crashed .co
    Receiving .co

    As someone unfamiliar with the market do you .co guys think there's any value here?
  5. MarkedMarket

    MarkedMarket Established Member

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    First of all, you will always be competing with .com domains and cctlds, and also with domains that are more descriptive (BoiledEggs.com vs Boiled.co).

    Secondly, you might consider your domains to be 1 worders, but they are mostly verb variations (Crunch.co, Crash.co, Receive.co and Versatile.co would be more valuable and a more preferable option if the .com is out of reach).

    You can be lucky, but personally I would not necessarily have high hopes.
  6. LeapNames

    LeapNames LeapNames.com Gold Account

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    Thanks for the feedback! I figured it was at least worth a shot at $1.99 each
  7. John Napoletano

    John Napoletano JohnNapoletano.com Gold Account

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    It's always the same regardless of tld. Would you call your company that? Would some SEO guru want it to grab a share of search traffic?

    Without getting into tool discussions, you have to occasionally comb through company names, app and software names, understand basic branding strategies, and keyword traffic volume. Not to copy anyone, but to understand how potential domain buyers think.

    Large and small companies buy domain names. Affiliate marketers buy names. Domainers buy names.

    Would you call your company "Cruncher?" If yes for what product or service? Is that product or service in demand? Crunch.co might be a better company, product, or service name verse Cruncher.co. I said might. No one has the time to do that kind of work for free. So everyone is sort of out there applying their own logic to domain name valuation. But buying in bulk without a strategy is generally a bad idea regardless of tld.

    Hope that helps.
  8. kamcreation

    kamcreation Upgraded Member Blue Account

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    Here is a batch of 1 and 2 word .co names that I picked up couple months back

    • B r o m e l a i n. co
    • C h e c k b o o k s. co
    • D e f i b r i l l a t o r. co
    • D e f i b r i l l a t o r s. co
    • D e s k L a m p. co
    • F a c e W a s h. co
    • F e n u g r e e k. co
    • H e a t G u n. co
    • H e e l P a i n. co
    • L a v a L a m p. co
    • L e p t i n. co
    • L o u d s p e a k e r s. co
    • M e n S u i t s. co
    • O i l y S k i n. co
    • P e t H o t e l. co
    • R e s p i r a t o r. co
    • R e s p i r a t o r s. co
    • S p y G e a r. co
    • T a n k i n i s. co
    • T e n s U n i t. co
    • T u r t l e n e c k s. co
    Some RealEstate Names
    • N y c Realestate [dot] co
    • A l a b a m a Realestate [dot] co
    • A r k a n s a s Realestate [dot] co
    As someone how has not too much experience in the .co market do you guys see any value in any of these names here?
  9. John Napoletano

    John Napoletano JohnNapoletano.com Gold Account

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    cbd.co $50,000
    cbd.io $5,000
    cbdliquid.com $5,000

    I think this is a perfect example of what the reality is out there for buyers. You can buy a two word .com for $5,000, or a great one word .co for the same or much higher in this case without losing global traffic and understanding of the meaning behind the tld.

    Dot io is discounted as it is generally viewed as confusing to website retail customers, they don't know if it's a country or what. Though even $5,000 is currently a nice number for .CO. Just having these three side by side is a nice example.

    cbd.co is a live site. cbdliquid.com redirects to cannara.ca. cbd.io is held for sale.
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  10. John Napoletano

    John Napoletano JohnNapoletano.com Gold Account

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    reasons.com $50,001
    reason.co $5,300

    Two transactions recorded on namebio 2018-06-21. Notice the dot co is about 10% of the dot com price. What about use...

    The dot com seems to be a company based out of France (whois blocked) and the domain name is parked, not in use.

    The dot co is a company based out of the uk. They also have a UK domain name. The domain is in use.


    This is an important observation and another reason why I like the dot co tld. It is visually appealing to pair the CO as a global site for those currently using a CO.XX country code extension.

    But let's not forget that both American and European companies are using dotCO. Not just those using it as a second level.
  11. Rxshow

    Rxshow Active Member VIP

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  12. ramkumaritrvs

    ramkumaritrvs RapidNames.com PRO VIP

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    Except 1and1 is there any .co transfer or renewal offers available?

    i have loads of domain to drop...
  13. usernamex

    usernamex Moderator, NamePros Moderator VIP

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    PSA - There is a $4.99 CO registration deal for name dot com Happy Hour - 2 hours only - https://www.namepros.com/posts/6783994/
    The CO birthday is late July, and they traditionally have had better deals around that time if anyone wants to wait and see

    @ramkumaritrvs - transfer deals for CO are few and far between, my next step will be to test 1&1, most of my remaining CO due in July are ho-hum so easy to drop instead

    Rebel.com is a not great for domainers registrar, yet they are one of the only CO deal to be had in the past couple years so will keep my account there, the last deal was for current customers only and it was CO transfers for $12.50 limit 10 (Nov 2017) The other CO transfer deal was NameCheap $4 MYDD (March 2018) there was a total limit of 25 for all included extensions
  14. John Napoletano

    John Napoletano JohnNapoletano.com Gold Account

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    .CO approved in China

    “Just as Startup Salad chose ‘salad.co’ as our domain name, China’s future unicorns are choosing their own cool .CO domains. Now, with the full approval of China’s government, startups can host their .CO domains here in China, leading to the fastest possible websites for the online services of tomorrow.” –Jim Zhao, Startup Salad CEO

    Three domain names in the article:


    Full article:

  15. Nikul Sanghvi

    Nikul Sanghvi hypernames.co Gold Account

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  16. humbug1s1k

    humbug1s1k Upgraded Member Blue Account

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    Skopje .co

    EatNatural .co
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  17. John Napoletano

    John Napoletano JohnNapoletano.com Gold Account

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    share.co $21,006
    cogo.co $2,338

    Two new entries on NameBio for dotCO sales above $1,000. COGO appears to be a tech related term. DotCO is popular with tech products and services. The word 'share' has a long list of comparable sales across tld and industries including tech and real estate.

    share.co $21,006
    petshare.com $24,970
    divshare.com $21,000
    timesharesforsale.com $20,000
    shareplan.com $18,000
    shareconnect.com $16,000
    shareprices.com $16,000
    revenueshare.com $15,000
    sharealaugh.com $14,000
    sharefile.co.uk $12,445
    timeshare.co.uk $7,751
    roomshares.co.uk $5,888
    roomshare.co.uk $5,888
    timeshares.ca $11,800
    share.me $5,000
    worldshare.org $7,000
    sharefile.de $4,480

    The years for the reported transactions above range from 2010 to 2018. We can observe the same pattern of a solid "one word" dotCO being purchased at a price similar to that of a "two word" dotCOM.

    Not as many data points are available to compare non dotCOM, however, the above comparable sales suggest that dotCO is being purchased at a price above the other ccTLD such as .co.uk, .ca, .de, etc.
  18. noonoo1

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    Good analysis, thanks for the info !
  19. DomainFQ.com

    DomainFQ.com DomainMarket.ws

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  20. DomainBarracksRob

    DomainBarracksRob Active Member VIP

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    Picked up after the delete

    Vendre .co

    Means “ SALE “ in French

    Taking in 20 or so other ext
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  21. DomainFQ.com

    DomainFQ.com DomainMarket.ws

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  22. Boz

    Boz Established Member

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    Error "vendre" means "sell". ("Sale" = "Vente" in french)
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  23. DomainBarracksRob

    DomainBarracksRob Active Member VIP

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    yes thank you, I meant to say "sell" ! As seen when typed into google translate

    Sell = Vendre


    ( btw which is stronger "sell or sale in terms of a .co name) anyone?

    Vendre.com looks nice
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  24. alcy

    alcy Active Member VIP

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    im fluent in french..

    vendre = verb = sell

    I had this domain for past year with no offers. so I decided to drop it. but I do hope you have more luck with it this time around. I suppose french words aren't so hot in .co
    but there will always be exceptions..

    also dropped: realite....co

  25. DomainBarracksRob

    DomainBarracksRob Active Member VIP

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    wow hey @alcy offers or not..if I'm picking up your drops without knowing they were yours..I'm deff on the right learn train being a year and a half into the game......My eye is getting stronger :) ..knowing you once picked it , gives me faith ....If I have any luck I'll send you a kicker haha cheers !

    (BTW I'm thinking of doing some outbound on this one, did you try it with this one?)

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