CNBC - Selling Domains "Great Side Hustle"

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    According to selling domains is one of four "Great side hustles".

    It's always good to see mainstream media legitimize the business of selling domains, regardless of being a "side hustle" or a full time gig. The business of selling domains was discussed briefly saying:

    "2. Sell domain names

    Sabatier also made money buying and selling domain names. Site names such as and reportedly sold for $11 million and $7 million, respectively.

    It's no longer quite as easy to flip a domain name, yet it can still be done.

    Here's how. The website SidehustleHQ lays out what you need to know about buying domain names, sometimes for as little as $10, and the sites to buy them from: Godaddy and NameCheap, among others."

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    Selling and buying domains is becoming craze business like keeping a stock of good domains and sell them for good some of amount. But millions of $'s is not happening in all cases. It's just for a few who have good common names.
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    disingenuous for them To compare the sale of (like 12 years ago) to conclude domaining in 2018 is profitable. had a business I believe and was also sold at the peak of domaining.

    Also, in my opinion This is not an article. It is an advertorial (it is an advertisement for those various websites linked like SidehustleHQ masquerading as an article). It is likely an FTC violation because it is a not a disclosed advertisement (as according to the FTC)
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    Good catch! I did not see anywhere about it being an advertisement and therefore I posted it. It does seem like a bit of a "nudge" regarding an advertisement.

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