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@Rory Ivey
Since you have given too general a description, please specify 2 things.
1. The style of your clothes. Vintage, casual, office, classic, sport, ethno, grunge, romantic etc
2. Give examples of logos that you like and fit your style.
Clothing t-shirts with motivational images and expressions presented in a dope way
I don't have any logo in mind. Well Supreme logo is decent, but i just wanted to see what people could come up with.

I've added a link to the description with a sneak preview of the site and some of the designs...
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My try hope you like it
View attachment 110499
Hey, thanks. I'm testing it on the site...(not published).
It's not a bad start. Though the design still seems a little tamed. I'm not sure it's strong enough of a design to hold that site. You can take a look at it with the preview link in description. No look is off limits...anything that just looks right..I will go with.

Here are some designs/fonts/lettering to help. 786fdc0ad4cd04d84f39f04a4a54540b.jpg xTostitos-Logo.png.pagespeed.ic.C7zHagM8Hi.png 277580.gif Supreme-logo-newyork.png text-logo-inspiration-1.png

Thank you very much for the feedback. Here's a tweak for the second design :)
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This is the best looking design so far....it feels more like a fashion brand. I will test it on the site.
It can always be improved...and please send new concepts too.

Appreciate it. #shortlist
Thank you! Will start working on the other concepts now :)
Ok looking forward to them. I added a red backing to your logo to give it that supreme look. It's on the site so please take a look when you can and let me know what you think lol. Anyway, looking forward to new looks too.
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