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I respectfully differ in my judgement on this one from @Premiums opinion.

I think the domain name works well for a consultancy that works in blockchain training, analysis, or application development.

Domains that begin with blockchain have sold 193 times for average price of $1537 (most in .com, although the largest was in the ngTLD ventures extension).

Domains that end with smart have sold 247 times for an average price of $2443 (again mainly but not exclusively com).

.org is a widely used extension in blockchain and cryptocurrency applications so that is good.

I did not find close comparators, although the fact that blockchaingame sold for $3073 is encouraging.

GoValue rates your name at just below $1000, probably on basis of limited close comparators and its length.

I would think that low $$$$ is the right range to seek in an end user sale. Possibly start low-mid $$$$ to give a bit of room to bargain.

One issue is that a lot of blockchain names have already sold in 2018 (172 times YTD), and many still remain looking for buyers, so seller competition decreases likelihood of sale and may also drive down prices.

As with all domain names, it is important to realize that while the average selling price is $1488 for domain names involving blockchain in 2018, the median price is $388.

Good luck with it, @Coinking


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Again it's really appreciable how metbob explains.. And put effort in giving comments.... It's great metbob.. Hats off to metbob... Now about the domain .. It's good enough of a Domain to have in your portfolio ....
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