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    Hello sirs,

    Please could you advise: can I register a domain name where:

    1) i found a domain name, .com that is actually a company name. The company is owned by another company. Would there be any legal issues registering the domain name and marketing it to the parent company(they have their own website)

    2) I found another name, .com which is the name of a place. Could I register this and market it to the managing entity of the place ( a beach).

    ofcourse, its a risk, just in case they are not even interested in the first place.

    But please help to clarify if there are any legal issues with the above. I once read about trademarks, etc somewhere on NP, cant remember the URL.

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  2. Altrell

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    There is always risk involved when dealing a domain that matches a companies trademarked name. They may not care about the domain name and simply tell you they are not interested. They might offer an amount of money to buy it or they might sue you for control of the domain based on their trademark. Flip a coin on how they will react to it.

    As for the second domain that is again a toss up, but you are more likely to have an easier time with it than the first domain name. The reason I believe that is because if it is simply the name of a beach it most likely is not a trademarked name and does not operate as a for profit business. Again that is hard to say since people have been known to sue for anything and win.
  3. hostkobo

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    thanks for the clarification.

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