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    My hometown is Kitchener Ontario and it is part of a twin city always referred to as Kitchener-Waterloo. It is always spelled with a dash regardless of where you see the reference. The logos above are made to look like our street signs.

    I purchased the following...

    1. (from huge domains)
    2. (via namepros)
    3. (from godaddy/afternic)

    My hometown is a huge technology zone with some of the biggest technology companies either located here or represented here. Having considerable funds tied up in these domains I figured I should put them to use instead of offering them for sale.

    So my plan is to put up two technology sites with listings to each of the technology companies in our twin cities. I figure I will give a basic text listing for free and any larger listings will carry a small nominal monthly fee.

    The plan is not to make a bunch of money on the technology domains but rather to give other businesses the idea that they too can lease their own domain with a matching [email protected] email address.

    It's a business idea I have not tried yet and am looking to see if anyone here would have some advice or feedback on the idea.

    I figure something like or might be another good idea.

    I currently have multiple offers for canadian cities in the works and may expand on this idea.

    If you want to see the domain in action go to

    The estibot on is $561k USD so I'm pretty proud of that acquisition.

    Lastly.... In Canada all .ca city domains are reserved for the cities and cannot be purchased by domain investors. The city domains are my latest expansion for MapleDots with more to come.

    Of course I could also make a subdomain so I could sub the dash for a dot.
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