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    Two thousand years ago, the Christian Church of Europe set November 1st as "All Hallows' Day". "Hallow" is the meaning of the saints.

    Legend was from 500 B.C. ,the Celtics who living in Ireland, Scotland and other places move forward this holiday day to October 31st. They think that day is the end of summer and the beginning of new year and also the day of harsh winter.

    At that time people believe that the soul of the enemy will return to the former residence to find creatures for reproduce from the living body ,they think this is the only chance for the died people to get regeneration. And people are afraid of that, so living people in this day put out of the fire and candlelight, so that the souls of the dead people can not find the living people.they also dressed themslves as demons and ghosts to scare away the dead soul.After that, they will rekindle fire and candle light to celebrate a new year of life.

    On the eve of Halloween, the children will carry pumpkin lights, wearing all kinds of strange clothing, door to door to ask for candy, kept saying: "trick or treat" (meaning: "to not give, do not give On the mischief. ")

    Now ,November 1st is not only Halloween, but also the beginning of November,Hope you guys have fun and enjoy your life everyday!
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    Happy Halloween!
    By the way , is available!

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