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A simple and lightweight plugin for automatic website content generation on WordPress using a neural network

Do you have a website on WordPress, but the need for unique SEO-optimized content is consuming a lot of your time and effort? The solution to this problem is a simple plugin for generating articles using ChatGPT 3.5 and GPT-4.

Plugin Information:

This plugin enables you to quickly create articles based on keywords using artificial intelligence. You can add as many keywords as you like and initiate the writing of 100 or more articles at once. All articles will be written by AI with SEO optimization in mind. The plugin automatically fills in Title and Description meta tags. You can also edit the content of articles and meta tags before publishing. The plugin operates through the ChatGPT API.
The price per article averages around 3 cents!

What makes our plugin different from others?

- It is possible to generate 100+ articles at a time.
- Articles are not interrupted and are always added.
- You can upload images and thumbnails to articles.
- You can set any structure for articles.
- Support for custom record types and any attributes, the ability to choose a category and status for published results.

What is the price of the plugin?

Plugin price $50

Details on our website:
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