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I wonder if all 3 possible characters for each of the following tld's have been completely registered? .com is a no brainer and likely .net. But has anyone scanned .org or .info lately to see if there are any left?
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No not CCC, for org at least LNL or NLN there are lots, NNL or LNN are few and far btwn, and typically bad letters.

info seems to have many more available, with more NNL and LNN

A couple weeks ago I ran some CCC org expireds, so I just now rechecked, there were NNL and LNN orgs that were available then and taken now, and to check info I just substituted info for org so it was a totally random sample of around 200 CCC

I would agree and guess NET is all gone cuz I see all caught in dally drops, and seems increasingly higher % of bigger name dropcatchers which to me means price & demand is increasing.