Calling All Domainers in the Caribbean & Latin America

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    Hi Domainers,

    I am Stephen, Territory Manager for the Caribbean at My objective is to empower and uplift citizens of the various countries in the Caribbean region through domaining and online business. Our CEO @Rob Monster has an initiative to "make the pie bigger" for everybody. As such, there has been a deployment of individuals in many countries across the globe to empower nationals through the buying and selling of domain names and digital asset management.

    My personal story is one of empowerment through online business. After spending three (3) years in a career that absolutely consumed all my time and energy, leaving me in a rut of dismal mornings getting up for work, I started to seek God for a more excellent way to go about life. One where my finances weren't so much dependent on the number of hours I spent away from home at a particular job. This started my journey in website creation and subsequently domain name investment. Through my personal website, and Twitter, I was able to discover trends from the domain industry and align myself to becoming successful. I made a few domain sales and this provided the proof of concept for my initiative.

    After 2 years of time invested and intense study of content related to the domain industry, I became employed at full time to Manage the Caribbean region and provide support to Epik's customers.

    Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] to have us build a digital Caribbean.

    Stephen C.
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    I have asked the NamePros organizers to consider adding a way to see the top contributors by country, e.g. Jamaica, etc. Not just global like this:

    So far I was not able to convince Ed Zeiden that we need this.

    Perhaps @Paul Buonopane will find it in his heart to expose an API so that this functionality can be developed by as country-specific widgets.

    It will be really awesome to see thriving local domaining communities finding each other and helping each other to succeed, especially in emerging markets.

    And I am a big fan of your work and delighted to see you continue your domaining career at Epik as our first hire in the Caribbean.

  3. Rob Monster

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    I just want to add something here for the Jamaicans in the house.

    For payment processing to local banks, it looks like Xoom works well, and better than Payoneer without fees. If you have an account at Epik and sell a domain, you can redeem from your Masterbucks account directly to your local bank, e.g. Scotia Bank, without fee.

    @Stephen C is starting a serious domainer community in Jamaica so if you find things that will make it easier to be a high impact domainer, just let him know and we'll figure it out together. Besides, I need a good reason to come hang out with some Jamaican friends.

    As Stephen knows, I am a big fan of the Jamaican authenticity. There is something very unique about the Jamaican mindset, and I appreciate the joyful disposition, and the confidence in fellow man. It is truly unique in the world. So, with that I leave you with a hearty: Respect mon.
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    greetings @Stephen C. and hope you are enjoying your time here on np
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