budget: above $500 Buying starter websites with some traffic

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Buying Websites which are adsense approved or have adsense ads. They should have some traffic and or revenue. The traffic should be organic and I am looking for websites earning between 5 to 50 USD per month.

Paying 100 to 1500 USD per website.

Payment: Paypal

Transfer: the seller should transfer website to my godaddy hosting.

ps: single website should be easy to update and should be operative by max. a couple of hours per week
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Check www.trivaday.com
The site has organic Google traffic and make $190 a month from hotels affiliate program pay per click
%75 if the organic traffic are from the U.S
The site have Facebook page with 90 likes and Instagram account with 8k and Twitter 8k
Stil looking and increasing the budget per website to 5k.
So you looking for Adsense websites only?
Yes for now only adsense earning sites. Please only send traffic sites where traffic is coming naturally from SERP position. I am also not looking for websites outside my budget. Budget is 250 - 5000 USD.

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I have an Amazon affiliate site in the very lucrative bow hunting niche. Organic rankings can be checked here


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hi check this pickup.ooo, with adsense cpc 30

pm me for more information
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Xmas.Trade site and Domain with over 680,000 opt in subscribers including Video Resource with the following functions :

Facilities to manage and upload videos . Manage sections for Apps, Blogs, Photos, Forums, Polls, Events, Music, Marketplaces and Much More.Ad Manager included so you can run Ads from centralized participating advertisers and earn revenue, and keep all advertising revenue.

Please visit Xmas.Trade to see the site. Access to the subscriber database can be provided if required.

Registrar: Namecheap. Domain Expiry August 2019 (Renewal $13.18). Full money back guarantee if not totally satisfied. Escrow via LocalBitcoins.com or payment by Paypal who will refund you if you're not happy. Free Push

PM me to confirm your offer

Price Comparables for the Xmas.Trade Domain

Price Comparables below for other Xmas Domains only for purchase from the Registrar, Name.com, (with no site or video resource or subscriber database). You can view the price the domains are offered at by the Registrar by visiting Name.com and searching for the Domain

Domain: xmas.site

Price: £4,755.59 (about $6,250)

Domain: xmas.online

Price: £4,755.59 (about $6,250)

Domain: xmas.market

Price: Your offer must be a minimum of $5000 USD to be considered. (Call +1 425.298.2424 to learn more

Domain: xmas.win

Price: £9,511.19 (about $12,500)

Domain: xmas.party

Price: £9,511.19 (about $12,500)
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