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    Have you faced any difficulty in the process of creating a brand name or when in purchasing?

    As a result of the popularity among the public and more profit gaining ability, the online market has become a major role in the economy in this era. Most of the entrepreneurs know perfectly that their brand name must be prominent to face and engage in a highly competitive field.

    But some make huge failures in naming their maiden business, although they know the risk well. Then the only option remaining to them is a rebranding. There is evidence in history where many famous companies changed their names because of unsuitability, to the current environment.

    Automatically this was the instance in which the entrepreneurs tried to make their store lay in the top of the ranks of Google.

    A major role of this process was done by the brand names, as the Google search engine bots also have policies regarding brand names when managing the ranking lists of them.

    To overcome those problems brand name specialists put forward the principles of brand naming with deep observations done within the e-commerce field.

    How a new entrepreneur can come to know about the field of naming?

    Simply, a good site with the current brand naming principles is the best way you can follow.

    Brand naming strategies also change from time to time with new situations and trends in the market.

    Look into the following qualities when you chose the site for your investigations,

    • Does the site present recent and updated information?

    Some criteria used in the past when naming are not taken into consideration nowadays. For example, although in the past the companies used generic words now the use of generic words/ the exact dictionary words is declared as a spam act and those types of names are highly rejected by the Google Search Engine Bots.

    • Is it an easy type that can be understood by a newcomer to the field?

    You all will accept that naming has separate dimensions from the knowledge of business and marketing. Therefore the guide you choose must be a one that has been written in a simple language.

    • Is it a complete guide?

    Of course, there are hundreds of sites that provide free guides. But a complete guide can be found rarely. Completeness means all the information of brands regarding each and every field that entrepreneurs mostly engaged with.

    By considering all these points Brinso can be named as the perfect site for a startup holder who is going to keep the first step in the field with the intention of a victorious end.

    What is more in Brinso?

    Apart from all the qualities that have been mentioned above, Brinso also becomes the pioneer of teaching branding because of the following extra services.

    • The free evaluation tool

    • Category pages that include top and worst brand names that are currently using, worst brand name suggestions and the lists of super brand names that will be worth using, for each of the fields they present.

    Evaluation Tool

    What is evaluation?

    Evaluation in the field of brand naming is the last step where the name is checked for the mistakes with references done to the super brand name qualities. This is not a step to skip because this is the point that detects whether your name will be well established in the market or not.

    Brinso evaluation tool is free of charge.

    It refers to the following qualities that are also named as the way to a super brand name.

    • Pronounceable value

    • Memorization power

    • The ability of Spell and write

    • Whether Generic words are included or not

    • Numbers or special characters are included or not

    • Fulfills the accepted Character count or not

    • Meanings in other languages

    • The way which Robots spell, easy or difficult.
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