Birthday of the .UZ domain

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    This means that the Uzbek segment of the Internet is already 26 years old.

    The application for the domain zone was approved by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - an international organization created to regulate issues related to domain names, IP addresses and other aspects of the functioning of the Internet) in 1995 and it appeared - ".UZ - National top-level domain of the Republic of Uzbekistan".

    Highly appreciating the significance of the national domain and the merits of specialists involved in the industry, the government of the country initiated the issue of a commemorative postage stamp in honor of the anniversary of the National domain .UZ. The stamp depicts hands symbolically supporting the globe and the .UZ 25 monogram in the colors of the national flag, symbolizing that the domain is part of the global network.

    Of course, the use of stamps for their intended purpose has become infrequent. And the higher is the value of the brand for those who remember the early days of Uznet, who set up the first servers and made the first registrations.

    For philatelists, this is an obvious rarity, since the stamp was issued in a limited edition, and cases of issuing a postage stamp in honor of the national domain are very rare.

    The release of the brand was planned for the 25th anniversary of the domain in 2020, but all festive events and conferences were postponed to autumn 2021.

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