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  1. Super-Annuation

    Super-Annuation eMoneyToken -Superannuation - Brekky - SuperFunds VIP

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    I may have used the FreeValuator tool, which rarely gives high dollar values out... E.g. valued superannuation dot com @ $375
    This makes appraisal difficult to know when and both appraise it at $17,500

    Also valued Enron dot org @ $11,500
    This makes it tough to know, when and both appraise it near $2,500

    Why Buy This Domain?
    Bilbies are a extremely endangered, cute rabbit, in Northern Western Australia, and few in New South Wales.
    There's only one Bilby Charity registered in Australia. With this (plus I'll sell you a number: 1800-111-511,) you could start the first Foundation for the Bilby, in Australia.

    You would also be eligible for the tax gift deduction treatment, not that anyone wants to cheat tax.

    If no sale over the coming months, I'm going to keep this domain and start a charity called "Bilby Foundation," (yes, this name is available) next year, if no one wants to start a Foundation of this design.

    It will look great on a resume, and assist in moving into those upper echelons. Plus, I'll be able to directly fund important and existing breeding, relocation, horticulture, call centre fundraisers, Etc Etc Etc.

    I'm pretty busy with studying, and setting up a charity alongside my company isn't expensive but it's time expensive.

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  2. monotheist

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    I always believe in targeting cash cows. Can a charity org shell out $$$ for a domain?
  3. Super-Annuation

    Super-Annuation eMoneyToken -Superannuation - Brekky - SuperFunds VIP

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    I'd like to sell, but I'll just make it Australia's first Bilby Foundation in like a year, when I'm free and looking to move companies.

    I would have tried contacting these guys (and many more):

    - WWF: These guys work with Bilby sanctuaries, making them larger.

    - Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: These guys are great at the Bilby breeding side of things.

    - The Nature Conservancy: Bilby habitat restoration and protection

    But I don't want to message them, have them say no, then in a year I call back informing them I'm now a Bilby Foundation (as a hobby) and would like information on specific programs I can relay to the public, and encourage donations.

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