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    hello everyone

    i recently bought 5 domains, 3 of em registered at "uniregistry" and 2 of em are at "godaddy", i dont like godaddy much but the renewal fee for those 2 domains were better than uniregistry.

    i searched this website and some other places but still wanna ask some things:

    1- does "uniregistry" good enough at domain parking? i mean earnin a few bucks from parking would be good for me. im open to all suggestions ofcourse.

    2- does "uniregistry" good enough for sellin domains?
    i dont wanna give much commission while sellin domains so if someone contacts me for buyin my domain via broker at uniregistry or any other registrar, will it be possible to sell my domain on escrow? so i wont pay any commission to uniregistry?

    3- at "" i saw too many domains sold on
    what is the best website for domain selling auctions?
    i read some good things about ramped(dot)com too, what are your suggestions?
    also if i sell my domain via domain auctioning websites, will my registrar still takes commissions from me?

    4- if i need to cut short, i spent like 500$ on those 5 domains and i just want to make some $ (via domain parking) while trying to sell em, and i want to sell em with least commission i can possibly give. [[i only have visa bank card/account fyi (i DONT HAVE paypal etc) ]] i live in greece.

    excuse my english but u got it i guess. lookin forward to hear suggestions from u.
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    1. Uniregistry parking is fine. I get some inquiries but very little parking revenue.

    2. If a broker sells your domain you will pay commission.

    3. Try them all. They each have strengths and weaknesses. Registrar doesnt get commission unless you use their marketplaces to sell.

    4. If you do a private sale on your own you wont pay commission. You can use escrow to complete your private sales.

    Best of luck.
  3. Cdomains

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    Don't waste your time with parking unless you have high traffic domains with good type-in traffic.

    Parking is pretty much dead now for most.

    Put your domains on landers and wait for offers to come in or do outbound on lesser quality domains.
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    no one can say if your names will earn any parking revenue, because they will have to be parked, before that info is known.

    but maybe if you posted them, it would give better idea of how likely they were to get any traffic.

    most newbies only think about selling or earning ppc, they rarely consider "how to buy the right names" until after the fact.

    as for whether unireg is a good site for selling, listing or earning ppc... i'd say it's as good as "your name" is.
    but ppc earnings vary from service to service and from name to name.

    though, if you have "good names" then buyers will find you no matter where it's listed, or not listed.


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