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    Excellent investment: Premium Generic Domain For Sale Owned for 17 years since 2000

    Monthly searches 100,000 for the keywords bed sale

    Monthly searches 1 million for the keyword bed

    Comparable reported sale: sold for $130,400 holds strong with almost 100,000 to 1 million monthly searches in Google alone. With CPC $1.68 and industry competition, this domain has great inherent market value with potential for development or future resale.

    All Fees of purchase to be paid by the buyer.

    ALSO OWN and and and if interested, please email me to make your offer for these additional domains being sold separately.

    The registrar is and once payment is received a transfer out code is given to the buyer to transfer the domain name to his own registrar.

    I have done this several times with absolutely no problems and I can assure you the domain will be transferred to you once payment is received. Flippa and have all my personal details if you experience any problems at all in gaining control of the domain name. I am UK born and bred and lived in the same home for 22 years, so you will be able to contact me, if you experience any problems.
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