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Want to be a Boss? is ready to be launched Marketplace by its New CEO right now. Fully functional automated website & don't need experience to run. You know how Flippa work.

Buy Flippa like Auction Marketplace and become Marketplace C.E.O Today.

The website & domain worth:

★ Domain appraised market value: $1,282


Buy Flippa like Auction Marketplace and become a WebSite Auctioneer Today.

Do you ever wonder and thought how to become a Boss of a fully automated Money Making Marketplace? That is easy to manage but ready to make money from the day 1?

Ok so let me give you the details about this auction. You are advised to leave everything you are doing because its a career making decision time. You know the Golden opportunity.

So because this is a serious business listing, you should pay attention if you are serious in becoming a c.e.o of a pre-made marketplace.

So let's get started.

Overview of the Auction:

What are you going to buy?

1. Domain Name:

2. Website: Website Built with WordPress using “Premium Licensed Theme worth $99.00 (3 months support + 3 month update available) See more details below:

3. Assets Listed at Auction: All the Domains and Websites listed at auction are real "But Not part of this deal".

4. What other things are attached to this auction? (see details below) Also the most frequently asked questions are:

5. What about Hosting and Transfer?

6. Is the marketplace ready to be launched?

7. Are all the essential pages available?

8. Is the site submitted in Google Search Console & Google Analytics

9. Who can run this Marketplace?

10. Does it require any experience to run?

11. Will you provide support?

12. Why are you selling this Marketplace?

Ok, so let me answer of all the above questions.

Domain Name Details: (Age & Market Value)

★ is Super brandable just like " ★Easy to remember ★Easy to understand ★Easy to become a Brand ★ Very easy to sell domain.

You can Google for blended, short brandable domains Marketprice.

Domain Expiry: March 12, 2021
Registered at: (account push)

◅ The “Auc” is commonly used for “Auction” so the “Auc Gator” is a perfect fit for any domainer to establish a business.

◅ Just take a look how profitable “gator” domains are: check Sales comparison

· - $ 13,500 USD

· - $12,000 USD

· - $ 5,000 USD

· - $ 3,750 USD

· - $ 2,050 USD

Website Details: is an online Digital Asset Buying & Selling Marketplace you already know how flippa works. So the business model is so simple.

The Domain, Website, Stores & Apps will be listed at auction for sale by the Sellers and the buyers like you buy from the auction and pay you success fee, featured upgrade fee and featured listing fee.

You’ll be making money with the following:

· Asset Listing Fee: $(Whatever fee you like) I kept this FREE to list

· Featured Listing Fee: $ whatever you like. Current featured listing fee is set to $10.

· Success Fee: You can charge whatever you like. Current fee is 10% or the sold amount.

Web Pages (Landing Page + Essentials) Details:

· Professional Logo is created.

· Advertisement Banners crated.

· Affiliate Banners and page created.

· About us page has been written.

· Site Rules, Privacy Policy, Terms of use pages created.

· Categories are created and functional.

· All website Theme options setup and configured.

· Support Page, Contact Page and Support Ticket System is configured.

All inside admin functionalities are enabled.

I’ll guide everything you need to know as an admin

Automated Email system is functional. (just give it a try to create a user account)

You can ★Register, ★ Login, ★Create account, ★List your item, ★Get emails or every event like ★bidding email, ★winning email, ★payment email, ★feedback email etc.

Payment Methods available in this website:

  • There are a range of Payment Gateways to use in order to allow buyer and seller make transactions.
    Paypal is the Primary source.
    Credit Card
    Bank wire and lots of other Payment processors are available to use for collecting and sending payments.
Listed Domains & Websites at Auction:

All the listed domain names and websites are "Real listings" but "Not"part of this auction.

What other things are attached to this auction:

All the installed plugins are part of the deal.

The plugins are free version but the Template of the theme is licensed and comes with 6 month support and 6 month upgrade from the developer. I’ll provide you the license code so you will be able to get support anytime.

What about Hosting and Transfer?

The Web Hosting is FREE for 1 year so don’t worry about the transfer. I’m Reseller and provide Web hosting service since 2013. But if you have your own server or shared hosting and want to keep the site there, I’ll transfer the website to your server within 30 minutes.

Is the Marketplace ready to be launched?

Yes of course. Everything is ready and all set to go from your name. Banners are created so you just buy and launch this Money Making Website just like a Boss.

Who can run this Marketplace?

Well, Any one can run this website even they don’t have previous experience or skills in IT, yet they can easily understand and use the inside tools to operate the website.

The beauty of this Template is that “No Experience required” to run.

Also the buyer, will get my personal support as well as the developer support when needed.

Why are I’m selling this Marketplace:

As I told earlier, I’m a Web Developer and Digital Marketer. Buying and Selling is my passion. I create business websites and sell at top marketplaces and I’ve 100% positive feedback there as well. This one is one of the best website I’ve started and make it ready to go for sale.

The best part of this website is, You don’t need to do anything to run this website because its ready to make money from the day 1.

Just run FREE or Paid Marketing campaign to drive traffic and see how the money comes in your wallet.

OK, now come to the BUY NOW Bonus Package:



Just BUY IT NOW and get the following package with this website

The website & domain worth:

  1. Domain appraised market value: $1282
  2. Website Premium Template price: $99 (with license)
  3. Web Hosting package for 1 year: $59
  4. Free Website Setup

►BUY NOW PRICE: $199/- | Payment by Paypal


Still have any question? Just pm me.



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