domains .ART Launches Matching ENS and DNS Domains for the Web3 World

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.Art put out a press release announcing a new feature to bridge the gap between Web 2 and Web3. .ART is the first domain registry to offer this innovative matching domain capability across both ENS and DNS, making .ART domains more powerful and useful than any other blockchain capable domains. From the release: New Feature […]
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Fayaz Ahmed

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This is cool!

I think this sort of parallel implementation is the way to go, where different implementations of decentralized web will complement and enhance the legacy centralized web, instead of trying to compete with each other.

Also, making sure that will have the same ownership in both the centralized world and the decentralized world will help the smooth transition, which ever way the future goes.

Having said that, there is a problem they'll still have to address. One of the promises of the decentralized web is that it is supposed to be censorship resistant from the centralized registries. With this collaboration, the centralized registries will gain a foothold into the decentralized counterpart. Hence, the features like being censorship resistant will no longer apply.

Your thoughts?