Anyone own any controversial domain names?

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Anyone own any controversial domain names? A while back I picked up Isil(.info) and my wife gave me hell about it. Honestly, not sure why I grabbed it. I started to put a disclaimer on the index page to make sure the Feds don't knock down my door or put me on the no fly list. I was thinking of making it a news site and have it update automatically via WProbot with articles from the major news sites but I'll just let it drop. I should have never regged it. Smh. :(

Who else registered some bonehead and regretted it later?
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I own WIKILEAKS/US and get occasional odd emails, and have been called a few names for not donating it to "the cause". I think the .US version is ironically funny since some claim the group is anti US. It is the only version of the "old school" TLD's they don't own. Have had a few conversations with Julian Assange's assistant about buying it, but nothing has materialized. We had a $xx,xxx verbal deal with him at one point, but then someone got to him :). I purchased it because I thought it would be a great place for the anti Assange crowd to have a presence. I don't plan on letting it drop if for no other reason than the novelty, and i certainly don't regret it.
Cruzism com/org.

I think Ted Cruz is a very dangerous Demagogue, similar to Joseph McCarthy (McCarthyism) and if looks like he may be the nominee for President, I may set up an anti-Cruz page.
I have an ISIS-related .com domain name, and I think you and your wife are having unjustified anxiety about ISIL.info. First, few people refer to the terrorist group as ISIL. ISIS is far more well known. Then, it's a .info, not a .com. Thus, even fewer people are going to care about your domain name. As far as I can see, the only intrinsic value to ISIL.info is if the Chinese begin speculating in 4L.info more than they do today. Even then, ISIL is a poor combination for the Chinese due to the two vowels. The only reason I see value in you holding onto the domain name at all is if it makes more in PPC each year than the $10 it costs you to renew it. Otherwise, just delete it or let it drop and move on to bigger and better domain names that don't cause you and your wife to worry too much about supposed controversy.