AN /GD are not transparent.

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    I have a domain, I was asked to respond to price request. I did. Fixed price (max=min).
    I search for the domain at AN, AN pretends there is no such domain.
    And GD domain search is totally unworking, maybe they banned my IP from domain search, maybe because I found a contradiction in their system.
    AN works, but could do much better, and be more transparent. What I like about price request: I'm responding to one person (most likely a GD agent or a domainer, no enduser would go to AN), but everyone else would see the price at many registrars...But sometimes (maybe usually) prices are not made public. And worse, AN pretends there is no such domain. Maybe they are making a deal, and at the other hand doing dropcatching plans or lowballing at other marketplaces instead of selling through their marketplace.
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