Am I allowed to end Auction any time without BIN

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    I have little confusion about auction time,

    Let me try to get some answer,


    I am running an Auction with End Time 72 Hour after last bid or via BIN.

    After 48 Hour there is only one bid & I want to closed that auction & want choose that alone bidder as a winer,

    Do I allowed to do the same.

    It's very helpful if I get answer direct from @Eric Lyon or any other NP support staff member
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  2. Hello,

    Here's the rules that pertain to your question:
    With the above in mind, the end time may not be changed after a bid has been placed, however, you may use the proper method (Outlined above) of reducing the BIN price for a potentially quicker sale.

    I hope that helps,
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    Can you confirm this is correct interpretation?

    1] If I have a current high bidder and I choose to add a BIN, can I make the BIN the EXACT amount of the current high bid with the understanding that the high bidder will have to publicly accept the BIN after the thread is updated, correct?

    2 If I intend for the BIN to be for the benefit of the current high bidder, we can coordinate timing by PM to ensure that bidder can accept as soon as the thread is updated, correct?

  4. 1) Correct, the bidder must publicly accept the new BIN after your public update for it to be binding.
    2) Correct, you may communicate in direct message, however, for anything to be binding and to comply with the rules of an auction, both parties must post the required information in the public auction thread so everything is transparent for it to be binding.

    I hope that helps,
  5. dylan2

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    If there are no bids, can an auction thread be closed at any time?
    (my interpretation is yes)
  6. Yes, it can be closed or changed at anytime until there is a valid bid.

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