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So I have this website EasyDollar.com , currently, its just parked paying its keep. never done any promotion and rarely look at it.

I've always thought my domain is perfect for Affiliate type returns but I would to see what others thought?
How best would you monetize this domain?

I think it offers could relate to banking, loans , gambling, trading etc.

Lots of the visitors seem to be searching for EveryDollar.com, Dave Ramsey. A app for money saving but looks to be lots of potential in similar ventures.

Any help would be grateful.
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Indeed EasyDollar.com is quite an excellent domain name, and you can develop a website where you help people make money. You may create an article like this one https://monetize.info/refer-a-friend/ for various money-earning opportunities.

This is one angle. Another one will be to develop a service where users can earn money online. Check, for instance, FreeCash.(com), which does arbitrage between getting money from affiliate networks and paying users for doing CPA offers.

And the 3rd way is to sell it well :)

Hope I gave you some useful pointers.
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Thank you Daniel

Interesting, yes I'm new to all this and just getting my head around it .
I'm sure it would be perfect for a loan affiliate, it's just figuring out the best way to monetize.

Yes if not viable I would sell, perhaps 4 figures would be achievable.