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    Other than just optimizing your website for SEO, you should also focus on optimizing your website speed.

    Here’s how to do that:

    Both for Mobile and PC, your website should load in under 2-3 seconds. While load speed isn’t a DIRECT ranking factor, it does have a very serious impact on your rankings.

    After all, if your website doesn’t load for 5 seconds, a bunch of your visitors might drop off.

    So, to measure your website speed performance, you can use PageSpeedInsights. Some of the most common issues we have seen clients facing when it comes to website speed and loading time are the following:

    • Images are resized with CSS or JS. This adds additional loading time to your site. Use GTMetrix to find which images need to be resized. Use an online tool (there are tons of free tools) to correctly resize images (or even Photoshop) and reload.

    • Images not being lazy-loaded. If your pages contain a lot of images, you MUST activate lazy-loading. This allows images that are below the screen, to be loaded only once the visitor scrolls down enough to see the image.

    • Gzip compression is not enabled. Gzip is a compression method that enables network file transfers to proceed much faster. In other words, your files like HTML, CSS, and JS load much faster.

    • JS, CSS and HTML not minimized / added / aligned. If your website is loading slowly because you have more than 100 external javascript files and stylesheets that are requested from the server, then you need to look at minifying, adding, and inserting some of those files.

    • Use Cloudflare + BunnyCDN Why the combo? Why not just Cloudflare? Well, I won't get into details, I've experimented a bit with it, and if you are looking for something cheap and fast, this is the best combo. Cloudflare you can opt-in for the free account. BunnyCDN on the other hand is on a pay-as-you-go basis, and unless you are getting over 100K+ visits a month, you'll likely never go above their minimum monthly threshold of $1.
    Want to make your life easier AND fix up all these issues and more? Use WP Rocket. The tool basically does all your optimization for you (if you’re using WordPress, of course).
    Gustavo Woltmann.
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    GT Matrix is one the good tools, It gives all possible insights to optimize your website speed..
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    Yes, I agree with you.
    You have mentioned all the technical terms. Thanks for sharing such a piece of good information.

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