( AdHalal.com )Please i need Your Appraisal !

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    Hello name pros warriors :xf.wink: i need your help & some advises!
    the following information below can help you to help me Appraisal this domain name thank in advance and i am waiting for your comments :xf.smile:

    A huge opportunity 2 words 7 characters : (( AdHalal.com ))

    The Halal industry has evolved from merely focusing on food to various other industries spanning a wider area of lifestyle, and driving demands in other areas like Media ,advertising , bank , trading products and tourism.

    As we all know that the Arab Gulf countries such a Bahrain,Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates , is the highest in the world in terms of GDP per capita,and over 1.8 billion of the world population are Muslim .

    as a small exemple ;We should make it clear that admob as a branch of google company, receive huge visits from Morocco , Which made Morocco classed the second highest number of visits to admob (statistic by Alexa) .

    This explains the importance of the advertising industry in Arab Islamic countries.

    The halal advertising takes into consideration a number of factors, exclusion of Alcoholic drinks ,Drugs, tobacco ,nudity and sex content… Including Clarity and openness… etc.

    That's what makes (( AdHalal.com )) a treasure for capture leads and potentiel customers from around the world.

    Whois history :

    • 24 records have been archived since 2008-10-25
    • 2 registrars with 1 drop.
    Keywords analytics :

    • AD :Average monthly search : 1m-10m
    • Halal : Average monthly search : 100K-1m

    Comparable Sales :

    adib.com 117,000 USD

    adhoc.com 87,750 USD

    admedia.com 50,000 USD

    adware.info 25,350 USD

    adsales.com 25,100 USD

    admen.com 24,000 USD

    adtheory.com 23,688 USD

    admio.com 20,000 USD

    adright.com 15,000 USD

    adlogix.com 10,000 USD

    What do you think , and how much this domain name worth?:xf.smile:
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  2. Moroccan Warrior

    Moroccan Warrior Established Member

    May 6, 2017
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