auction 95 Domains - Portfolio Auction , NO RESERVE -

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95 Domains - Portfolio Auction , NO RESERVE!

I have the following domains as portfolio for sale .
for registrar and expiry date, please check attached Excel file.
Also, attached are some estibot & GD appraisals for reference.

Accepted payment: Paypal &
Acceptable: Push or transfer Auth code.

Auction starts: $1
Bid Increments: $5 ( 95 domains not 1 B-) )
Auction ends: 5 full days after 1st bid - I will keep the thread updated.

Here are the 95 Portfolio Domains:

Feel free to send me any questions via PM.
might be placed @ end of auction.

Good Luck to all.
Auction ends 5 full days from now; since blank placed the first bid of $1 B-)
Bid Increments = $5 - reminder
That's 5th of December , 20201 @ 4:50 pm EST
Good Luck to all

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I'm sorry sir but according to Namepros rules it looks like I'm the legitimate auction winner:

Schermata 2021-12-05 alle 22.51.58.png

Seller's initial terms were that the domain auction would've ended exactly 5 days after first bid was placed and I was the last person to place a bid within this timeframe.
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